Monday, September 15, 2008

Cakk me Issmell.

So sleepy. Keep mispelling my name and words like "call".

Stupid Weber and his stupid books. "Hell's Gate" a book about a gateway that two empires fight over kept me up till 2:30 last night. To be honest....I'll have to reread the book. Towards the end I had the sinking realization that it wasn't a stand alone book. Fighting this I skimmed more and more and sped towards the final page HOPING I was wrong. I wasn't. Now I have to re-read it to figure out what happened outside the brief conversational widgits.

Purchased Elantris last night so Wulfa could read it. I plan to re-read that one too.

November, huh? So two weeks after I move BOOM Wrath.


My plans are as follows: Poke around the upper level outlands. Avoid other players. Not play much the first week(pfft like I'll be playing much at all once I move).

More to come later if I remember.

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pugnaciouspriest said...

I loved the honor Harrington series.. but made sure with precision that I was reading in sequence