Friday, December 18, 2009

Wow that was crazy.

I gained a ton of honor. I think about 4-5k worth. I -know- I gained about 700k xp off of two dailies and then battlegrounds. I ran AV and AB over and over for about 4 hours.

And I healed my everliving heart-out.

I'm no longer feeling invincible... enough rogues and mages ate me up to dispell that feeling...but I -am- feeling awesome. I was complemented several times and happily lead healing in every BG where I was there from the start.

The last one is always the most memorable but this one more so then some.

Picture this:

AV score 250 to 250 or so. Alliance charges drek. Gets him to about 40% and then the tank drops... a wipe... except? Every single one spawns ... at Dun Blargrhrjmmdjklj way the heck up north. Yeah.... The furthest graveyard from drek...and 30 alliance players find themselves there.... zero near drek.

So we say screw it and just mass out and meet them on the road. And for 40 min or so it seemed slug it out. We win on points...after we get 250 points 1 kill at a time. I had about 840k healed at the end maybe more. There were two other healers in that fight with me(that had a noticable impact). A druid and a priest... they had about the same healed(700k and 500k?).

Yeah I healed a bunch tonight. Sometimes solo...sometimes with buddies....sometimes 40 people at once...others just the one. And never felt better about grinding xp. This is way more fun than questing. You just get gear at about 1/80th the rate.

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