Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beware the Leopard.

But don't panic.

Anyways. Love the tree. Love 3 hordies(hunter, rogue, warlock) trying to kill me for 5 min while I sat and healed through their dps. Just them...and me.... and my treeness.

Walked away with a 1/0 WG win. Yay for us healers(there were 3-5 of us) and our indomitable healyness.

Oh and I rocked the charts with double the healing of anyone else. Those first 5 min may have helped I think. Innervated twice. Happy days.

Anyways... I hate the fact that the LFG tool won't let me create a party with level 80's and join the random dungeon. Any time we've tried we've ended up just sitting and being told over and over that one or more members do not match the requirements for the dungeon.

And yes we are NOT on heroic. Ended up doing Occulus by me being leader and selecting it(not random) and ToC by walking to the instance and jumping in.

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