Sunday, November 29, 2009

Warning: New Moon Spoiler

I've seen New Moon twice now. Oh, I'm sorry-I've seen Twilight Saga New Moon twice now. At least the very long name gives me a legitimate reason to say "ticket for one, Twilight please" without looking like a forgetful idiot.

The first time through my first and oft repeated thought was "wow this is slow." But then I got home and remembered that the book itself is slow. The scenes with Aro and his posse were pretty awesome though. And the wolves. They did a really nice job with the wolves, in my opinion. And the changing from human to wolf was believable and not super-obviously graphics (I need to work on my adjectives. Super-obviously? I need to re-enroll in college. Oh wait, I did. /squeel of glee).

They also made the whole diamond skin thing more obvious. The first movie it looked like he had put on some glimmer makeup whereas in this one he is SPARKLING. And the eyes? SO much better. And the super-fast movement and lightning reflexes had by both vampires and werewolves (or rather, shapeshifters)? Artistically and tastefully done. My favorite is the bird flying in slow-motion with Victoria running underneath.

They did depart from the actual plot but they stayed tightly wound with the overall feeling of it. I was upset by none of the changes, though since I do not yet own a Twilight t-shirt (hint to the man I'm married to) I cannot be classified a true fan. So you may not want to listen to me.

Second time watching it I knew it was going to be slow and I had time to enjoy and observe without waiting for the action to kick in. Some other things I really liked about this second movie: the music. It's a symphony. A serious, make-you-cry ode to love. I loved it. Bella's hair: that's what I want mine to look like. I love her hair. Third: when the months are passing from when Edward leaves to when Bella finally begins to wake up notice the walls. It changes.

Hopefully I'll be able to see it a third time with Damm. He wants to see the wolves. And he is solidly Team Jacob. I don't see the point of having teams since we all know that Edward was always the one. Jacob was Bella's Paris (if you don't understand that read the books). I could see getting a shirt that said Team Jane. Jane is awesome.

Speaking of Jane ... if you are a tenderhearted mother of young children cover your eyes as the Cullens leave Aro's throne room. Trust me, you don't want to see it. It's not in the book, they threw it in only (in my opinion) to underscore how evil vampires can be.

And while watching the previews ... Wolfman, anyone? I don't watch scary movies anymore but I want to see this one. Although del Toro is the one who did Pan's Labyrinth (pretty sure that was him) and I hate/loath/despise that movie so I'm uncertain. Avatar I am seeing. That looks like it could turn out to be another Cameron epic.

I love movies. Someday, many years from now, going to see them won't involve babysitters and keeping my phone clutched in my hand in case I'm needed.

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Marylin/Softi said...

I just saw it yesterday for the first time (probably the only time till it's out on dvd) and I was definitely impressed. The whole movie was just done better than twilight. That's what happens when you go to a bigger budget I suppose!
What an ending though "marry me"... like we don't know that's coming! hehe :)