Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogging from the fort.

We made another fort. I have been instructed to stay "in here daddy with me".

Shaman changed a lot in the time I've been playing alliance. I like the new totem thing. I also like wind shear... I don't remember having it anyways. All in all very happy with it(ele right now). Really want to play my shaman again but on Lightninghoof I know no one anymore now that Herk has gone idle. Playing without friends is blehg. Really wish my bonus would come in so I could make my shaman alliance and move him wherever I am going to be.

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Kelmar said...

Sorry for the idleness bro! Actually, I doubt I ever play again really.

Too much reading to be done and Dragon Age to play.

I even told Hip not to worry about me play Star Trek or Wars online as WoW will remain my only MMO truly played.

Kill some Ally for me before you transfer off teh Hoof.