Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I blame New Mexico

The Orclette has been sick very infrequently. At least until we moved here. The Miniorc has been to the doctor more times than the Orclette already in the 4 months since he's been born.

And last night he got croup. I had noticed he had a lot of junk in his nose so I cleaned it out (a process he hates) and then he coughed. A nice, barking sound. Hadn't heard it before. I knew it was croup so we got the humidifier going and I looked it up on the interweb to see if we needed to rush him into the ER. Answer was no but sitting in the bathroom with the hot water running was recommended. I did that.

We were having fun. He thought the whole being awake thing was awesome.

Then a geyser of spit-up came out all over me. Fun time over.

After that he seemed to be breathing without laboring so we went back to sleep. And he seems fine this morning.

Due to a lack of sleep this post is a bit choppy in tone. At least it seems so to me. I also seem to have morphed into my dad and type two letters, go back and delete, type two more, delete. I used to be a nice, accurate, steady typist. How the mighty have fallen.

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