Monday, December 7, 2009

A post!

"I need to hold chu"(translated: I need to climb in your lap)

Drill this weekend was slow but fun. Wulfa got to meet most of my new chain of command and there was a christmas party.

"Daddy I'm coming to get you! Daddy I coming."(translated: I need to climb on your lap again)
"I know"(without any response from me = I'm in your lap)

In WoW, Kitsen(who doesn't have a blog I think)(I hope because I'll be embarrased not to link her if she did), forced me to level by explaining how fun sholozar is. 90% of that fun is nessingwary. I tried to find an old post explaining my love for his expiditionary force but couldn't.

"I wish I need food"(Translated: I smell the food mommy is cooking and I want it now)

Which led me to:
Can anyone help me add a search thingy to my blog so that I could search my blog for items without having to click all the way through the addons? PLEASE TELL ME.

"da da da da da uuuuuuuuh"(translated: content to wiggle in an uncomfy manner while daddy posts this)

As you can see from the bold/italics/caps I'm all srs bzns.

In RL our house has IMPLODED and needs to be burnt to the ground and then the dust blown away. I told my landlord* I needed to do this so that it would be clean again and he didn't take it very well. Oh and we've got a million errands to run and I need to run and the entire time -they- need attention. Bah it feels like monday.

Welp. Thats my post for the day.

* didn't tell my landlord

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