Friday, October 23, 2009

The Orclette comes through

As I've mentioned before, the Orclette cried the first 3-4 months of her life. And right now I'd describe her as "strong-willed," "determined," "pushes boundaries." And so on. And at the same time she's usually cheerful and adorable. Which was done on purpose by God, I'm sure, because otherwise she'd have been shipped off to grandma's house by now :D (a threat my mom used on us for years. It worked: at Grandma's house we had to help muck out the horse stalls ;)

And nowadays I read several "mommy" blogs. And I am not being critical. But they'll describe their mornings and they'll mention dealing with all of it before coffee. Because of crying children. And that's one of the worst (i.e. heartbreaking) sounds in the world (unless you are the Orclette and 2 1/2. You can wait). You want to stop the crying, fulfill whatever it is they need.

But that's where I thank the Orclette.

I could not stop her crying (daddy could). All I could do was hold her while she cried. Thus I developed a tolerance for baby cries. I have no problems putting Miniorc down for two minutes while I make my coffee. Even if he's screaming bloody murder. Because I will be holding/feeding him for the next hour at least. The Orclette can wait because she's over the age of 2 and it's never too early to start learning patience (ok, when you're not yet 1 maybe that's too early ... ).

So thankyou, Orclette. Your crying those first few months means I'm one of the fortunate mothers who gets her coffee before wading into the fray.

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Cap'n John said...

Wise beyond your years :)

And you're now also one of those parents whose child cries while you stroll along apparently oblivious, and whom non-parents (or just those f**king lucky parents who have angels for children, but which probably grow up to be serial killers so that's some consolation) look at and say, "! She is such a bad mother! I would never let my child cry like that without comforting her! What ever is she thinking?"

Yeah. To all you non-parents, you don't have kids. So when you see a parent ignoring their crying child don't you dare get up on your high horse and cast judgment on them! Do you know why the kid is crying? No, you bloody well don't! It's entirely possible the kid is screaming for candy that his mother has already told him five times he can't have because it's almost dinner time. So non-parents. Butt out, because it's none of your damn business.

And you parents of angels? You can butt out, too, because it's also none of your business.

That leaves just one group of people. The parents of real kids. Kids who cry sometimes for no reason other than "I don't wanna walk from here to there! Pick me up!". But we don't have to concern ourselves with these parents because they take one look at a mother with a screaming child and shake their heads sadly and think to themselves (because they know better than to actually get involved in other people's business), they think to themselves, "That poor woman."