Sunday, October 18, 2009

I too am not a picnic.

Today is Sunday. Incase you didn't know.

I'm pondering all sorts of things.

On my life here:

I failed at drawing for an hour every day this week because Thurs and Friday were full of "GAAAH WE MIGHT HAVE TO MOVE AND IF EVERYTHING ISN'T CLEAN FOR AN INSPECTION IN 30 MIN THE WORLD WILL END FOR US". ...

The inspections never happened. The move never happened. That didn't stop this from repeating every hour and a half those days. The one thing good out of it is I've now reached that level of not caring where you look at the newsbringer and just shrug and state that when a sargent comes up to your room to tell you to move or to clean it you will but not until then.

This is a new state of being for me. I'm that nervous guy who knows all the rules and is always trying to do them. And it feels so odd to honestly no longer care. I'm not showing a lack of respect for the Sargeants I'm just not moving a finger for a private who swears he heard it straight from this or that authority. And I'm sliding a LOT further towards "do and ask forgiveness later". If I don't ask, then I don't technically know, and I'm -not- doing something that in anyway will harm others/myself/etc. Or that will disrespect the Uniform or the Army. So ha to the voices in my head that are muttering angrily about how this almost sounds like what the dirtbags say.

Three... weeks... left. One week of class at the hall I'm at now. One week of ? at ?(not sure except we carry rifles that week). One week of FTX. Then 3 days of outprocessing and graduating. And then if all of my check boxes are checked off I get to go home. I'm praying that nothing will go wrong and make me stay another couple of days or weeks... this is my biggest worry at this point.

On Stories:
That kid that wrote Eragon is a Doctor Who fan. I found this out.....when to my extreme disatisfaction the series didn't end with the third book. Not happy.

I found a problem with my story idea from yesterday. The people have no purpose/goals. I'm not sure why this was a problem... it just seems to be. Even the cast of Friends had jobs to go to. But people stuck on a moving ship as passengers for centuries? No jobs... no duties... too much boredom leads to EVERYBODY DIES. Bah.

On blogreader things:

I read Tobold XKCD and TJ everyweekend now. Tobold because him and PA make me feel like I'm paying attention to the computer game world I used to be so deeply deeply invested in.

XKCD because they are 70% of the time funny and 30% of the time just familiar and warm fuzzies.

TJ because... well reading her makes me feel like I still have internet friends even if I'm only on for about 2 hours a week. TJ you really do produce that "we're just friends B---S------ about things while at work" vibe very well. Besides one of these days she will find a drink that is better than Coke Zero and Diet Coke and as I love both of them extremely I want to be there.

And I check the webcomics at PA, GG, Gunnerkrigg, QC, Schlock Mercenary, the Giant, ScaryGoRound, Applegeeks, Starslip, and NuklearPower. Then I check gmail and ESPN(during college football season).

This is about 30% of my cultural input.

On the next 30%:
Books, mostly from the science fiction/fantasy section. Occasionally alternating with roleplaying sourcebooks. Almost never with factual books or "normal" fiction(like uhm grisham or clancy or that ilk?).

I read a lot... but a lot of what I read is simply the same song using a different instrument. I find that I immerse myself in mythical worlds. If the place isn't real than it is interesting.

Warning... I got boring but couldn't decide whether to delete this or not: Go to the bottom.
I've started putting an effort into learning the author names that I read, but I'm not good at it... lets try again:
LE Modesitt, Jr., Laurell K. Hamilton(short stories and her earlier books that were not so sex obsessed), Robert Jordon, Steven Erikson, Jack McDevitt, Terry Pratchett, Orson Scott Card, Andre Norton, Patricia Briggs, Ann McCaffrey, Harry Turtledove, Larry Niven, bah... I'm going to stop there... I'm bored with this.

But just that list will get you a good idea of books I like and don't like. Briggs and Erikson are probably my favorite authors right now... I keep trying Salvadore but every time I do I hate myself later. I don't understand how he sells books I really don't. Weis and Hickman's stories fall into almost the same catagory but not quite. McDevitt is nice. Norton... I read her because she inspired so many authors I like/liked but I dislike all of her characters... they feel fake to me. Jordon is fun because I like his world. Hamilton's characters in her early books felt incredibly real and interesting. The last time I tried reading her though it felt like one of those pink covered books in the romance section where from front to back all that happens is clothes come off. McCaffrey was good when I was younger but I don't think I would be happy if I tried her again. I remember even then thinking that her stories felt like they were missing something. Larry Niven's books I enjoy and his characters feel real.

I remember liking Card... but now I find that I don't even like Ender's game. Isaac Asimov is the same. I read them. But I don't recomend them anymore because I no longer like them. Tolkien... -almost- to that point. Turtledove is at that point. Dune...

Where the Author pulls himself out of even deeper introspection about his realization of how much his entertainment tastes have changed:
And I've written too much again today. Well you sit down on a sunday morning and spend time thinking of things to write after spending a week not talking to anyone you used to know :P.

And then kick rocks.

I'm also not a drum solo.

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