Sunday, November 8, 2009

Titles are too melodramatic.

I really really want to change up our blog's design and name and am torn about how is best to do this. I want to shift from the Horde based color/name that we have now to a much more druid/wild/night based one. I've mentioned this before in the last couple of weeks and am only coming back to it because I'm getting ready to go home and trying to plan out everything I want to get done.

For those of you who have swapped blogs before or changed major themes any thoughts? Any steps to make it less work? Please pipe up.

As for coming home here is a brief run down of my schedule(posted here for my benefit more than anything else)

Day 1: Hang out with Wulfa, Orclette, and Miniorc. Wait for Orclette to get used to me again so that she'll let me hold her. Try to adjust to Miniorc. Wait for dinner when I get two hours alone with Wulfa.

Day 2: Report to unit?(not sure on exactly when this has to happen but will know before I leave). Clean house and unpack.

Day 3: Sit down with Wulfa and do budget for next month. Make a list of dates and times for major events(moving/christmas/school enrollment/guard dates).

Day 4: Give Wulfa a day off. I watch kids for the majority of the day with her only returning to feed MiniOrc.

Day 5: Work on website/setting up WoW again?

Hmm.. that sounds about right. I'll have to ask Wulfa to check what I've written here and fix it a bit.

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Bell said...

If you're using a layout from another site, be prepared to lose all your widgets and need to create them again. It's a bit of a hassle. ><

Make a duplicate blog on blogger and upload your current layout to it so you can mess with it and test things out without affecting your actual blog. It's really helpful :)