Thursday, November 19, 2009

On clothing.

Thanks to dubiously awesome hunter sources:

Wulfa go to:

Whee. One more item off my list of things to do for Wulfa now that I'm back.


papersmith said...

My advice for easier upgrades?

Head - Headguard of Retaliation, Quest reward from Utgarde Pinnacle

Neck - Titanium Impact Choker

Back - Ice Striker's Cloak

Shoulders - Trollwoven Spaulders from LW, until you get enough rep for Spaulders of the Black Arrow from Knights of the Ebon Blade (you need to do that rep anyway for the head enchant)

Chest - Razorstrike Breastplate from LW will tide you over until you get either Ebon Blade or Argent Crusade rep up.

Wrist - Giantmaim or Eaglebane Bracers from LW

Hands - Seafoam Gauntlets from LW

Waist - Giant Ring Belt from Sons of Hodir Rep, or Trollwoven Girdle from LW

Legs - Giantmaim Legguards from LW

Feet - Dragonstompers from LW

Rings - Titanium Impact Band and Ring of Scarlet Shadows crafted from JC

Trinkets - Oracle Talisman of Abulation from Oracle Rep and save badges for a Mirror of Truth

Ranged - Nesingwary 4000 or Zombie Sweeper Shotgun, but I rocked that Sunfury bow for a loooong time

Melee - Runeblade of Demonstrable Power

You're going to need Sons of Hodir rep for the shoulder enchants and Knights of the Ebon Blade rep for the head enchant, so you may as well take advantage of their rep reward items as you gear up. The knights of the Ebon Blade dailies, pay out very nicely and are still on my list of dailies to run. There's probably not a lot of Hit on all of that, and there's a lot of rogue gear there, but it will make you viable for running heroics without feeling like too much of a tag-along.

klaki said...

I personally would start out getting a few friends together to help you farm regular ToC (Trial of Champion). You will get several great epics to start with and the fight is easy enough that two good dps can carry you though until your DPS catches up. Then make sure you do Heroic ToC everyday, a great rifle and polearm drop that you will need. Plus, nowadays, you can easily PuG Nax to get some easy badges. Getting rep and farming old instances is in the past. For quick upgrades, crafted and BoE are nice but most will be replaced quickly once you do ToC and get high enough DPS to PuG VoA and Ony.