Saturday, November 21, 2009

We're Behind the Times

Damm and I missed quite a few movies while he was away at basic/AIT. I managed to see Star Trek, Transformers 2, and GI Joe but I missed everything else. Including the movie Up.

But I need to include some info you might need.

We watched GI Joe last night. Just ourselves-kiddos were with grandma. It was wonderful. And Damm was talking about the movies he'd like to see and they were action films so the Orclette wouldn't get scared, right?

Haha. Just haha.

So he compromised and we rented Up. We thought it was going to be funny, uplifting, etc. I mean, Doug the dog saying "I have just met you and I love you." Funny. Old man + young boy=funny. Supposedly anyway.

But instead=poignant story of two young kids falling in love and spending their lives together. Then she dies. And not only dies but dies when he was going to present her with tickets to their lifelong dream vacation destination.


Must watch something else to purge the incredible sadness.


Christopher said...

I, too, feel that Up is one of the greatest, most profound love stories ever put to film. My wife and I saw it in theaters, which is interesting because then you can gauge the social response to certain scenes. Up had many, many more "awwwwwww!" scenes than WALL-E (which we also loved).

Did you get to watch Star Trek yet? That would be a good movie to purge the sadness. It's fantastic!

Beowulfa said...

Hehe we tried to watch that right after but it was the little kiddos bedtime and they refused to fall asleep in our laps while we stayed up and watched it :D

Patrick said...

Yeah, I can totally relate. Charleen and I went and saw UP. The beginning hit me pretty hard too. It was still a very good movie, but I just wasn't expecting a pixar movie to be so heavy right at the start.

klaki said...

Never seen UP, and never really want to. However, I do highly recommend the new Star Trek. I agree with Chris in that it is fantastic.