Sunday, November 15, 2009

Healing is easy I think.

It is so easy to top the healing charts in battlegrounds. This tells me that I'm effectively the only one healing. Because I'm not good at this and I'm always at the top(3 of 3 battlegrounds).

Just got done with AV. Someone capped? a FW? and this led to the game taking forever? I dunno. We were up 430 to about 100. We won 202 to 0. The last bit from 430 to 202 was a long long stretch of me running into this tower thing.... healing for long times... then getting wiped out by a sea of red. I'd ask what to do to keep myself alive more but.. when you suddenly have 8 curses and 4 of whatever the DK thing is and 5 pets on you and this beast of a warrior thing... well you stop asking what killed you.

. I'm going to just point Wulfa at this and tell her to copy the talents seen there. She was wanting a BM build. And I trust you enough that I figure yours is the best I'll find.

Also based on your latest post thingy on the subject I've recomended wolf things for pet choices.

Wulfa's first foray into Azeroth should be some point tonight. I got lucky to do my playing during naptime.

And now I'm off again.


scott said...

If frost wolf graveyard is captured before relief hut, it usually means all of the horde in the south end of the map re-spawn inside the keep. It's tough to get to frost wolf graveyard and cap it, with the horde re-spawning there every 30 seconds.

Pike said...

Yeah, you'll be pretty much good to go if you copy the talents and use a devilsaur/wolf/raptor. *nod*