Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm not organized.

Coming back from Basic I thought it would be really easy when I got home because I was used to waking up early and I had so much more energy from being in much better shape.

All the married people with kids who are reading this... check that again: I thought it would be -easy- to come home to my wife and two year old and 3 month old and fall into a nice routine where everything was organized.

So now that that has failed to happen I'm stuck trying to get something that works. I've thrown off my wife's organization and I've utterly failed to bring anything to the table. Well, she carries the kids less than she used to.

To add to this Orclette has been SICK. She has thrown up a couple of times, is on antibiotics for stuff in her breathing areas, has a fever every other day etc. So keeping the house clean is considered a good day. And it shouldn't be. Wulfa was keeping the house clean with sick kids even. With me here we should have increased what we were getting done. Not barely maintained.

Not even sure where to start but am spending naptime expressing my frustrations here. I think I'm going to go change over the laundrey now. Oh how I wish someone would kick on a nice song and I could rush through a cleaning/organizing montage and in 30 seconds you'd see like 15 different scenes and then boom I'd be ready to move and have all my school stuff done.

Haven't gotten the Montgomery Gi Bill stuff done because the last time I called the Education office they directed me to a voice mail. Haven't gotten Tuition Assistance done because I need a CAC reader and the nearest one is 20 min away and I don't really know. My bonus hasn't arrived yet but the paperwork is at the write place for it and I'm just waiting. I haven't gotten my paperwork filled out for ROTC because I forgot that 6 months ago the secretary there told me to bring my packet to them first so she could make the copies she needed and instead I brought my packet to my unit and now I have to somehow get my 201 file back from my unit.

Oh and I haven't registered my 214 paper with city hall. *Sigh*

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