Friday, November 27, 2009

Many posts in one.

Lessee.... where to start.

First... I know a certain hunter... who recently hit 80... who asked me to clean up her bags because she hadn't played in so very long. And when I did... I saw she was still wearing all her gear from level 70. 0% upgraded. I whined about this. She's in the process of upgrading now :P(this was going to be a much more detailed and longer post.)

Second. I respecced Balance and am fidgetting around with it. My talent tree. is... ick. even for a 'just for leveling' tree. I just sped through it slapping down points in things that looked shiny.

Third. My bonus still hasn't come in from the Army. I'm saddened by this and can only hope it hits soon.

Fourth. Texas A&M lost and didn't get blown out. I am sad and happy at the same time. We only lost the game because of a few key mistakes. The interception we threw in the endzone. The fumble after we stopped TU and made them go 3 and out. The missed fieldgoal at the end. Three plays and the game would have been won :P. There were more but these are the scoring ones that stand out. TU couldn't stop our offense 90% of the game. Too bad we could only stop them 3 times.

Fifth. Wulfa saw New Moon. She should write a post about things like that.

Sixth. I'm trying really really hard to resist the urge to pickup one of my alts. I have so little play time that I want to funnel it into just one toon. Must resist urges.

Seventh. And thats all I have. Each of these numbered things could have been a much longer post earlier this week but I was understandibly distracted by what the rest of the world knows as happy third thursday in November.

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