Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Hangover

Hey, it could've happened! Especially if the moms who don't normally drink decide a glass of wine would be appropriate. We went to the Olive Garden. Oh wait-back up. I was going to tell you the ENTIRE mother's day story.

MY present had already been given to me. A white/green bookbag from B&N. If you're in the market for a stylish, durable bag that will also make anyone looking at you think you're smart because you read books, this bag is for you. I LOVE it. Anyway, that was bought awhile ago. So I said I didn't want anything this Mother's Day. And I read somewhere that husbands, if they value their lives, would do well to ignore their wives when they say that. I thought to myself, "I'm not one of those women! I really don't want anything ...."

So I wake up Sunday morning, log on to WOW. "Happy Mother's Day" pops up in guild chat. Oh right, it's the big day. Hmm. I wonder if Dammy has a surprise waiting for me. I told him he didn't have to. But he's sweet like that. I'm sure I got a card. Ooh, flowers. Maybe he bought me flowers. And then Orclette decided to wake up early to tell me Happy Mother's Day.

I think she knew it was a special day. She is an incredibly active 10-month old who doesn't really like to cuddle, and usually I don't either. But yesterday for at least 30 minutes we snuggled in front of the tv, flipping through all of the churches that had their services broadcast (boring .... although I like going to the real thing). And then, when I couldn't stand waiting for my surprise anymore, we went in to wake Dammy up (I had told him he could sleep in. Sleeping in is 7 am, right? I mean, I got up at 5:30 am). We woke him up and I asked what he had planned. Very smart man, he said he had things up his sleeve. Me being a very smart female, I started to describe how I would love the day to go. And it happened.

Firstly the Olive Garden. I love that restaurant. My favorites were the lasagna, breadsticks w/ salad and not soup, numerous diet cokes w/o ice, and then their chocolate lasagna. They don't have the chocolate lasagna anymore. Very sad. Anyway, Orclette was squirmy at first but as soon as the breadsticks appeared and we started feeding her the squishy inside (avoiding the salt) she settled down and appeared to have fun, although we had to hold her. She wouldn't sit in the high chair. And I ordered wine. A risoto (have no clue if that's how you spell it). And then they poured me this HUGE glass. I thought a serving was like 1/2 cup? Nevermind that I get sleepy after 1/4 cup (yes, I've actually measured ...) I just have no tolerance. Anyway, it was excellent, and after I had the few sips that I wanted I passed the glass, which looked like it had just been poured, to my brother-in-law.

And then we went shopping. To Old Navy, where I got a fab new top. And only the one, because clothes are expensive. I totally understand now why my mom went to the thrift store. She just couldn't justify buying outrageously priced items when you could get it for a $1.50. 'Sides, God tells her when to go. I'm serious. She'll get the urge, go, and find something that she had been looking for/wanting for an awesome price. It's an awesome thing.

And after Old Navy, I went to work, which was a complete MADHOUSE, what with mom's spending their gift cards and the hassled people (mainly men) buying last-minute gifts. IT was soo messy that we got out half an hour later than usual. Bleh. Oh, and the interesting part of the evening.

We had the cops called on us. You see, we have a minivan named Bunny. We took the back seat out and made that back area a sort of play pen for Orclette. Dammy stays for the day when we drive to my store and he'll alternate between being inside and being out there with her. And might I add that Orclette is never, ever, EVER left alone. Not even for the two-seconds quick rush. She. Is. Never. Left. Alone. But someone saw her playing through our tinted windows, evidently didn't see Dammy who was sitting right next to her, and then left a nasty note on our windshield. And then they left. They didn't stick around to make sure that Orclette was really ok. They didn't knock to see if just maybe someone was in there with her. They just left. And that's what got Dammy so mad. Soo, the cop showed up, said that there had been a call, Dammy explained that he had been with her the entire time, and cop left. Now, my mom called the cops once when a parent left their baby, in the middle of summer, in the car while they rushed into the bank. And this was right after a story about child-leaving had been plastered all over the news. She called, the cops, and then proceeded to stay where she was. I think their car was running (oh, and she had checked to see if someone was in there with the child) so she wasn't concerned about the heat. If the parent had been away too long, or if someone not the parent had approached the car, all hell would've broken loose. And that's how stuff like that should go down (btw, that kid was ok, the parent came back).

So that was my mother's day. How was yours?


Noobiewan said...

I'm glad you had an good mother's day. Cant believe the stupidity of some people to not fully check the situation before leaving a note and calling the cops! Not just bad for you but it wastes police time too.

Softi said...

Glad you had a good day, I can't believe the arsehattery of some people though... grr!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I went to Burger King and the woman handed me food while saying, "Happy Mother's Day Ma'am"...

I was alone...and I look pretty young still darnit! Maybe she was informed she had to tell every woman the same thing on Sunday...hmmm...must ponder this.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you though Wulfa!

I agree with the others though, pretty lame in general, but the world is full of morons. Just have to move on and keep thinking how awesome that orclette is going to be once she hits Arena!!!