Friday, May 16, 2008

A Big Thank You

To bob the goat, who suggested the use of the Uncle Trinket in addition to all the excellent tips in The Tanking Guide (dammy will you link all these? I almost figured out how but then it got all wacko on me ...)

Orclette's uncle has consented to be a trinket, although he probably would want a month-cooldown.

We're going to see Prince Caspian tomorrow. I'm soooo excited =)


Nasirah said...

Woot! I so can't wait to see Caspian. I love those books, and the first movie was great. I only hope the rest continue to be so.

Ailtia said...

Beowulfa - still ignoring you...pregant poop *shudder*

Damm- the link is here sir.

Stale said...

or you could go into the HTML section and write this code
(remove the underscores at the start and the end to make it work)

<_a href=>Uncle Trinket<_/a>