Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Plethora of links.

Yay for Word-Things.

The Bear at his best. Seriously his stories are gold.

If I was making more characters this series would have been diamond. As it was I had to settle for the adjective "awesome".

Megan shows one of the many reasons why I'm not good at pvp.

Lassirra of Hunters Mark is and has been my hero for some time now. 750+ agi oh my!

I agree with Matt. Epic is numberless. Sides Arthas isn't the most powerful guy anyways. We all know that would be that druid NE guy who's lost dreaming.

Sonovar you should deffinitly blog. People put up with my junk all the time, people are nice and helpful, ignore the ones that aren't. As for finding time and all that. it just happens.

I want to know the answer to this as well.

You have to.

Trackhoof took the time out of kill trash mobs to talk to a n00b shaman. I feel like taking the time to link him!

I'd have more, but calls are started coming in. Adios and word-things for the win.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Damm. Say hi whenever you stop by on Drenden, and don't be a stranger. :D

Mama Druid said...

It's never too late to create more characters. ;)