Thursday, May 15, 2008

The wonders of Vodka

Ooooh I likes the vodka. I had too much of it last night. Or at least I think I did. I'm very susceptible to suggestion. Case in point: my brother and I took communion once at our Catholic grandmother's church. They give you the real deal, no mamsy-pansy stuff for them. And I'm serious when I tell you that both of use had severe headaches and felt a little woozy. My grandmother, tough love person that she is, told us to knock it off-there was no way that little bit of wine could get us buzzed. And I think she's correct, but I certainly felt drunk that day. Anyway, we had You-Won't-Be-Single-For-Long Vodka Cream Pasta (Rachel Ray-well, what can I say? She's AWESOME.). Firstly, I was excited that I actually pulled the sauce off and didn't burn it. Secondly, it got rave reviews. Thirdly, I started worrying that I hadn't cooked it long enough, that there was alcohol still in the sauce ... and hence I had too much vodka. Brain kicks in, I start feeling wobbly and my words start not coming out right. Gotta love the power of suggestion.

Last night us Green Poxers took on Gnomer. I actually can't spell the entire thing. And I'm having to retype most of what I type ... must be the vodka ..... or the fact that I haven't gotten enough sleep for two weeks now. Anyways, my recollections of Gnomer are somewhat fuzzy. I was trying really hard to keep my eyelids open. I do remember Abuto falling one too many levels. Wulfa grimly pronounced, "We have a situation here." Then we jumped down to rescue her, and we killed 10? mobs? It was a lot. The floor was littered with our killz. And I had to heal for a bit as Raaksi accidentally got himself killed. That happened twice, come to think of it. Mobs just don't like him. And Kitzen, lovely Kitzen. Let me tell you what mad skillz she has. She (drum roll) can run in circles! Yes, that's right, she can run in circles and press the little red button. I know that she was instructed to do this for a boss. I can't remember which boss it was 'cause I was concentrating so hard on not thinking about sleep. We downed the bugger, of course. It was Abuto mainly tanking him because the boss dude likes to throw people around, show everyone how tough and mean he is. After that we hearthed, cause someone named Wulfa couldn't stay awake any longer, and that was that. I had an awesome time. Wish we could play more than once per week. Oh, and I came up with an awesome name for myself.

The Wulfa.

I am The Wulfa. I likes it (giggles at self).

And this is a shout-out to BRK. I have been working really, REALLY hard on only putting one space between my sentences. This means spacing two and going back one every time. But what other option did I have-BRK sayeth single space only, and let it be done =)

I wanted to talk a bit about how awesome last night was as well. We were levels 25-26 doing gnomer(we waited until 25 so we could get the quests). The majority of the instance was wonderfully easy. The alarm bots died so very very fast, and we quietly blew threw the area. We only had two hickups the entire night. In the room with the Elecrotbot 9000 or something like that. We started dropping down to get to the bottom floor. Well poor abuto got caught on a ledge above the ledge that all of us dropped onto and from that ledge you couldn't get to our ledge so she dropped to the bottom floor.

We stopped... looked around and decided we would join her. Yeah well the sight of a huge ugly bear dropping onto the ground was shocking I guess. We agroed immediantly two guys in spider mobiles. Then one of the leper gnomes in the middle. then one of the wandering patrols with 1 guy in a walkerbot and 4-5 leper gnomes...That group also linked another patrol of the sames size and a pacify-bot. All in all we had 14-18 mobs we were fighting at once. And I"m really proud to say that unlike the rest of the mobs in this instance I actually held agro on 10-12 of them for the majority of the fight. This fight was awesome.

The other hicup? Well it was and wasn't. I missunderstood Raaksi's description of the Tinker Somethignface fight. The one with all the bombs? Yeah. I thought one person could run around the outside pushing buttons and killing bombs and we would be bomb free while the rest of us killed the tinker. Turns out the buttons reset a -lot- faster than that. So we had a lot of bombs despite Kitzen being FREAKIN AWESOME and killing them by the bucketfulls and pushing buttons right and left. Raaksi told me this morning that we should have had the ranged dps/healers split up and stand next to the columns and push buttons and dps. Ah... well thats learning for you.

I'm wondering how Purple(particularly Harisan) did on this boss. I had plenty of threat according to omen and yet Abuto tanked most of this fight after the first 10-20% of boss health. Every time I pulled hate back I would be thrown into the air and would feral charge back immediantly and growl/taunt to force him to attack me....and then when taunt wore off he'd go back to abuto.... but there really isn't any way she had more threat than me...unless he wipes threat but wouldn't omen reflect this? I hate using addons for this reason. You don't know what bits you should trust and what bits you shouldn't.

Anyways thats my run down. All in all I think everyone had a ball and we'll be back after all to kill more gnomes in their halls.


Ratshag said...

If ya likes vodka, I recommends Chopin. Expensives, but totally worth it. (Is for drinking, not making sauce though!)

Meself, I gots outta the habit of two spaces when I were creating web pages by hand, and the only way ta make the second space show up were with a "&sp;" - were so for the birds, so I gave up.

Daxenos said...

I double space and will not change. I refuse. Can't make me. BRK might know hunterin', but he don't know Daxerin'. So there! Phffffft.

Bell said...

I've never done the double-space thing.

I feel so accidentally cool.

ArmsandFury said...

I had gnomer fun the other day. Ran a friend for a runthrough on me boomkin.

Only thing... I gets confused by that place a lot.

Rabbit Stew said... are trying to single space after periods? But, but, I thought I had a comrade in arms. An old school typist ftw! /sob.


Nasirah said...

Regarding the double-space thing:

I realize that it doesn't show up on web pages (as Ratshag pointed out) but I still always put them in. It's the way I learned how to type, and -- unless I'm told otherwise for a job or a class or something -- it's how I always will.

Regarding the boss:

It's been a couple weeks now, so I can't really remember specifics, but I don't think we had any issues with that boss. I don't remember even doing the button-pushing thing though (unless all my DPS were being on top of things and me the stupid tank is just clueless). And, we were like 27-28 when we did Gnomer, so we had a bit of an edge on you guys there.