Friday, May 16, 2008

Shaman if you want awesome.

So on Tuesday[the time of me writing this post] I was asking on twitter which class I should play when I got home and while 99% of everyone said hunter.... Anna piped up with "Hunter if you want fast. Shaman if you want awesome."

I have to agree. Even on my lagdeath of a comp(which my brother says just needs a system wipe, a video card, some ram, a new monitor, and a new harddrive to fix) Shaman's are the awesome.

It's just hard to compete with Windfury(aka Awesome), Ghost Wolf(aka Awesome), Chain Awesome(comes now in two flavors), free mana(aka Shield of Awesome and Shamanistic Awesome), Totems(because the size does matter and they are awesome), Bloodlust, oh and Astral Awesome.

And thats just the beginning.

I poked around with my Orc Shaman a bit last night after becoming frustrated with typing lag in guild chat. Typing lag is when your keyboard accepts presses but the screen doesn't show anything happening until 5 min later. On DammShaman I don't have anyone to talk to so I don't get as frustrated.

A couple of things I found out. While level 61 pig-demons were freakin mean...the level 58-59 orcs are a walk. The greens are awesome. The xp is awesome. Outlands trumps the old world in every bloody way. I love this place. Hellfire Penninsula is so freakin cool.

Makes me wish that Sidhe Devils were horde.

Because then I'd be a Shaman. And you roll Shaman if you wanna roll awesome.

At the time of this post the Author is considering rolling a bluecow but on Sidhe Devils he's more concerned with speed than awesome.


Chris said...

I love the shaman class. I have both a Horde and an Alliance one. I will have to admit that I really didn't play them at all until Alliance got them in the Burning Crusade.

Anonymous said...

Okay dude I was on Slig like nearly all day yesterday. I got him to 63! Send me a note when you're going to go online or something. I can be there. Water shield + Lightning Overload cannot be beaten. (Well, um, except by that stupid Alli Warlock in PvP yesterday who totally did NOT have to nuke me. I forgot my Tremor totem or he'd be TOAST.)

Wildhermit said...

I love the shaman... but.... I just have not given the class its proper love. I want a 70 shaman... just do not want to level a 70 shaman. Laziness is my number one foe.

Nomakk said...

Glad I could be an Inspiring thought for you to play your hunter! It reminds me of that time I won the third grade spelling bee. Who knew the final word of the bee could be "View"...who knew.

Same feeling pretty much.