Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today's Subject.

"Good writing depends on maintaining positive attitudes about the project and about yourself as a writer."

Until recently I viewed having a good attitude as something that was optional in my life and annoying in others. My mother would often try to get me to cheer up and think positively and I would for the most part ignore her.

"Thinking positively" seemed a naive approach to something as serious as life. Shockingly, when I started researching how to improve my work and other aspects of my life I ran into a single glaring fact.

Every author I have read without exception has pointed to maintaining a positive attitude as a major step to success. And now when I Google how to improve my writing.... I find the link above.

Slowly, but steadily I am now eroding away at the mistaken belief that my outlook has little affect on my life.

I -will- prevail.

Also, as an added bonus this article was only written with one misspelling on the first draft. This is a small and very encouraging event.

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