Friday, October 3, 2008

Alts again

I'm 100-150k from level 68. Then I'm taking a break from my druid. So...

I'm wanting to do battlegrounds. I need someone who will be good at WSG, but won't be a flag carrier. I don't want to play a hunter. I made a little rogue named stockings. I got him to level 3 or 4. I already hate him for being a rogue.

I'm trying to decide what to play.

Mmmmm Paladin? I've always wanted to do the BE paladin quest stuffs.... maybe

Mage? I really really need to get a mage off the ground.

Warlock? Dots are lovely, but the rp of the class and the ugly pets inevitably bother me.

Warrior? I've got a level 31 warrior alt who is sitting in the wings. Not for now.

Maybe I should work on Dammerung the shaman a bit. He's been idle in HFP for so long that he thinks he died.

Or maybe I'll just go back into AV with 'Panza. Healing AV is just fun.

Update: Moon says Paladins suck at pvp :P. Not that I believe him but thats what he says.


~One Among Many~ said...

I luv my Zilla (paladin). She's lots of fun! Healadins pwn battlegrounds, especially if they're twinked.

Go Pally Go!

Scott said...

Paladins are almost as good at flag carrying as druids.

Pursuit of Justice + Blessing of Fredom + Plate Armour + Healing + Cleansing = Almost Impossible to Stop

Grai's Gang said...

Paladins depending upon what you wanna do can be the best healers, flag carriers,node protectors, and or a wonderful offensive weapon. We are lovingly called the cockroaches of wow for a reason. We aint that easy to kill no matter what are chosen spec is. But as with any/all classes one must take the time to learn and understand the class. A bad pally in a bg is a bad player imo and would be a bad hunter,rogue,mage etc.

And spefically to Moon. I havent dueled in forever on Grai but back in my arena days i used to eat hunters alive if hes interested

klaki said...

paladins are great at 3 things in bgs:

1. healers
2. flag carriers
3. distraction

i don't know how many times i've seen people try to solo a paladin only to waste time while the pally occupies them long enough for others to gang up on the victim.