Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Future posting.

Yesterday I suffered from blogging failure. Below are the topics that didn't get written:

More details on the world I'm building in response to Klaki
A carefully thought out response to Herk
A new post and new reorganization of my A+ list
A post detailing my goals for wrath and why I'm liking balance now
A post responding to the responses that I recieved in my phones post
Thoughts on how I feel like I never write about WoW anymore
Thoughts on how some books are classics but you don't like them and books you like a lot you still call "campy" or "B novels"
Another email to myself containing "what happens next"


Instead I stumbled through the day, ended up getting home late from work, floated through BF barely helping, and went to bed leaving the house TRASHED. Hopefully today will go better.


Ess said...

Whew, I've been having the same issue lately. I have a stack of drafts for posts that will likely never be fleshed out. Instead, my readers (if there are any left!) are subjected to my random lists, brain dumps, and thoughts on other games (or lists of books, or whatever).

For me, this is the advantage of not being a resource blog. It's as much about recording my personal experiences surrounding the game as what happens in the game. If I feel like writing about what I had for breakfast, I can, and nobody is going to pop by and be disappointed not to find a new leveling guide or a new bit of theorycrafting. This removes the pressure and allows me to daydream, which is what I really like to do, I've concluded. :)


Anyway, hope you do have a good day today!

ArmsandFury said...

oooo Carefully thought out response!!

He is only saying that cuz of what Herk did to Astrannar. :P

klaki said...


yeah! how can you tease with thoughts of alternate universes and not give the details of the good stuff. i've created these things before (thx Sliders for starting the habit) and the best parts are the details... the things that make your ideas plausible.