Friday, October 3, 2008


Ever since my druid hit outlands I have been ignoring theory crafting. This wasn't a conscious decision just something that sort of happened. So whether or not a class was getting shinies in the expansion wasn't something I really knew about.

Thanks to BRK and WI's Rossi I had heard about the shiny new Hunter toys and Prot warrior awesome. Also I had picked up that Ret Pallies were getting their day in the sun, and that pallies in general seemed to be happy.

Rogues? Who knows, I don't play one currently, and none of my family members play one as their main.

Mages? All I know is that they always seem to be worried about how much better Warlocks are. Also I saw at least one person list of a full damage chart and the mage was on the bottom. This lead me to think they were getting nerfed.

Warlocks? Corruption is now instant cast without talents. I didn't pay attention to anything elese.

Shaman? Enhancement is moving further towards hunter gear, a move that makes me sad as I like STR as a stat. Also I keep hearing things like "you'll want spell damage and to use flametongue". I hate flametongue. The rest of the class, no clue.

Druids? I liked everything I saw. I'm even excited that they are getting feral nerfed because that means they were awesome. Druids are my alliance class no matter how much I hate them some days.

Deathkniggits? Looking fowards to blood spec, unholy looks dumb.

So then I talked a bit with Unbound last night while playing my new rogue on the mac without a mouse(Orclette had the mouse and was having a ball with it).

Unbound told me how awesome Ice mages seem right now, and that fire looked great as well.

Unbound also explained why Resto shaman was looking amazing right now. Although he did bemoan Ele and Enh.

Which led me to think, it seems really easy to get a general idea that only one or two classes are getting buffed in Wrath and that the rest suck. And I wonder if that general idea is actually entirely wrong. I'm not saying that Marksmen hunters aren't going to be wishing they were another spec, but when you start focusing on what you DON'T have, you can miss a lot of shinies that you do have.

I had presumed that mages sucked in wrath because -noone- I read has posted anything about ANY mage shinies.

I had presumed that resto shaman were hurting because I saw that enh and ele didn't look exciting.

I had presumed that pallies were boring because... oh wait they are. It's mostly Ishvi's fault not though Grai, don't worry he'll reroll and then you guys will be cool again.

P.S. Noobed you need to write up a big huge post on why Mages rock right now.

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