Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A New Holiday

I've thought up a new holiday.

Stay-in-Bed-and-Eat-Bonbons-All-Day. Day.

You'd rent sappy movies-or gory movies, if that's your preference. Or buy a bunch of romance novels and immerse yourself in titles with "Buck, "Sinner," and "Seduction" in the title with rather pornographic pictures on the front. Or-and I'm going on a tangent here, sorry-you could check out Georgette Heyer (I think that's her last name, might be wrong). Her title was The Lordly Buck. It just made me laugh. It also seems as if her book might be a bit cleaner than, say, Nora Roberts, so I might check it out. You know, on my holiday day.

Later that day you'd order pizza and icecream (that being my favorite food, but insert your favorite food). And you'd continue with your entertainment of choice. And this would last until you fell asleep that night.

Somehow, I'm not sure how as I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of their holiday, your children/pets have been taken care of. They don't get to participate-only adults. I don't think children would properly appreciate the holiday. Then again, I could be wrong-it's been several years since I was a kid.

And the next day you will not suffer any effects of your stay-in-bed holiday. No weight gain, no heartburn, no teasing because you read The Lordly Buck and liked it.

Doncha think it's a great idea?

So, moving on. Tomorrow is October. And that means I have 4 weeks to the day til moving day. It's on my mind a lot. Yesterday, when I had my fantastic idea, I wanted to stay in bed all day because the thought was a bit overwhelming. Orclette didn't go for it. In fact, Orclette didn't want me doing anything that diverted attention away from her. I was trying to read-on the ground, right next to her, with plenty of toys-and the only thing she wanted to do was sit on my page. Possibly stand on it. Cute? Maybe. I dare you to call it cute when it's done to you.

Anyway. Our moving plans have changed slightly. The weekend before the move Damm and Moon will be power-driving to NM and back. You see, having Damm's dad come up with a Uhaul trailor had become unfeasible. We tossed around several ideas and finally settled on "throw everything away but what we can fit in the van." And we discussed what we could bring and what had to be given away. And what we could mail beforehand. BUT that night I remembered that I hadn't included my rocking chair in the plans. My parents bought me that rocking chair. I love it. It's the color I wanted (hehe it's off-white-is that a color?). So I go out into the living room and try to articulate to Dammy that we couldn't leave my rocking chair behind. Epic fail-I burst into tears, which made Damm go into action (this is why we marry them, for things like this). He decided that he would make the afore-mentioned trip so I could have my rocking chair (and a few other things, since they'll be packing that van full).

So, that's what's going on in the Orclette household. If you remember, a prayer here or there would be appreciated.


klaki said...

If the day is called ....Eat-Bonbons-All-Day... then I would think you would have to eat bonbons to justify the name. If not, you could just call it Sloth Day. :)

So Dammy is going to NM the weekend before to drop off the chair? Is that cheaper that renting a UHaul trailer one-way?

You all will be in my wife and mine's prayers :)

Dammerung said...

*I* think its cute :P.

My idea of a great holiday would be: babies-spontaneously-decide-to-sit-still-in-daddies-lap-all-day-while-we-watch-football-and-play-call-of-duty.

Anonymous said...

LOL.....children and books....I have no experience. Four cats and books......I have LOTS of experience. This also "works" with computers, TV, game consoles and sleep. Although, I am not sure works is the right word but they seem to think it helps.
Prayers and God's Blessing on you as you perform that most horrible of tasks.....moving.

Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

klaki said...

i like dammy's holiday :)

Beowulfa said...

oh lol! I forgot to include eating bonbons .... it was all part of the plan. It was before the pizza :D

Auzara said...

I've always thought your birthday should be a personal holiday. If I ever own a business all employees would have their birthday off. It also sounds like a great time for Bonbon day. Can we fit in a two hour soak in a hot tub or bath?