Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Part 1: The carefully worded response to teh big angry cow thing.

Ahh... poor me. I'm a delicate flower. I'm certain that Renoobed would have responded "love? what love? Wear a shield and maybe you'll get love." But I responded with OH CRAP I LEFT SOMEONE OUT.

So I disolved into instrospective meanderings. Renoobed really should offer classes.

At first I guessed what it came down to was whether or not I considered the blog a conversational blog or not. But then I looked again and saw TJ and Fluent Self on there. And while I like both of those sites they fall into my conversational catagory. And so on and so forth. I did not reach a conclusion.

Moon hates me when I do this.

So I sat down and made a paper doll and named it Renoobed and asked it what to do. It said, "Call Megs and ask her to kill you repeatedly for asking stupid questions". Then it said, "No wait that would be a waste of her time, just let Herk do it, although he'll probably do it wrong. At least he's not Melvin".

And thats the end of the story. And Part 1.

Part two:

Why is it that I consider Tess of the Stupidvilles a classic and I hate it? Why is it that I consider Weber a "B" writer but I LOVE his books? There has to be a word for this kind of stupidity.

When I recomend some of my favorite books I catch myself saying "well... I liked it even if it isn't good writing". Fooey, I liked it. It is good because it made someone like it and buy it. I shouldn't qualify the things I like.

Thats like saying "mmmm that was the best pie I've ever eaten, but it wasn't a gourmet pie, I'm just warning you".



ArmsandFury said...


It was a noble attempt at being Noobed!


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