Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wow a post about WoW

So, how does this go... "Everyone else is talking about their plans for wrath and how it is just around the corner and...."

Nah bleargh.

I'm planning on rolling a DK on a server with a horrible cow warrior, a grouchy old Orc hunter, a miserably bad according to rumors druid, and someone who talks with "V"'s(You Vill Help Me KVill Things"). I think there even might be a pvp queen on this server.

Now, will they care that I'm on their server? Who knows, but I wants me a horde DK and I'd like to know how bad-someone-really-is. No one can be that horrible.


I'm also planning on a racially-similiar DK on Kaelthas with Wulfa. Not sure what she's going to want to roll.

Inscriptionist. 100% RP reasons. Dampanza-Waiting-On-A-Name-Change is a scholorly druid.* A profession based around writing? Heck yeah.

*Not sure if he was before but he is now.

Moar Balance. I just spent 9 of the last 12 levels grinding xp as resto. Hardcore I"m-a-Tree-and-have-insect-swarm resto. Then I found out that when you are the same level as everyone else and are aren't doing hard instances you don't heal much(silly moonkin tanks). I respecced dreamstate/moonkin two nights ago and haven't killed anything since. Here's hoping its better dps than my previously 12 points dipped in it.

Of course more damage means less chance of my roots surviving moonfire... :(

I don't understand about people complaining about bloated talent trees. If one talent is better than the other... take the better thing. Sheesh. While we're complaining about an excess of wonderful options I want to be a TREE-BEAR that summons Moonkin. If I can't be that I want 153 talent points...yeah... talent trees are bloated because I can't get ALL THREE SPECS with my measily number of talent points.

Sigh. Stop complaining about talent bloat. Instead be grateful you aren't a mamen** poor suckers were nerfed so bad and so unfairly they became one combined class just to cope.

** or is it Shage? Who knows. The class I'm refering two does elemental damage, has totems and summons water elementals and tables.

Edited a bit. Scholorly is probably spelled wrong. I refuse to run spellcheck.


ArmsandFury said...

Horrible Cow Warrior? Couldn't be talking about Herk...

Grouchy old Orc hunter? Could be talking about Noobed...

Miserably bad according to rumors druid? Aethson taking a hit there or Melvin?!

Person who talk with Vs? Sounds like a certain DcOe I know...

Queen of PvP? Not sure, but my wife certainly is bloodthirsty BELF hunter. Then there is Sugars the nasty lock. Maybe...

I think you might be thinking of...

blink blink


Hit any of us up for guild invite :)

Dammerung said...

Warning I can't be blamed for those stereotypes. I just repeat what I read ;P.

Yeah noobed.


Compliance hungry.

Megs was the last one actually. I was thinking that she had a hordie alt over there. I don't know if I know Sugars from the blogosphere and I just kinda thought of your wife as a kindly sweet person with a charming attitude.