Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a Conspiracy

Before I get to the conspiracy bit, I have a bone to pick with humanity.

Why did no one tell me of the yummy goodness that is a toasted pop-tart? I had my first one this morning (fiber one brand, so fairly healthy). I want one every morning.

Moving on.

We bought Ironman last night. I say we, I mean Moon. What's his is ours, what's our is not his. You know how it goes. IMO, it was the best-made comic-inspired movie I have seen. Robert Downey Jr. was amazing, Gwyneth Paltrow was smart and funny, and Jeff Bridges made a good bad guy. I liked his suit much better. Much more impressive. And the bit at the end made no sense to me, although Samuel Jackson is always fun to see.

Since it didn't make sense, I thought I'd do a bit of research on the world of Ironman. and whaddyaknow? There's 15 billion different versions! (I might be exaggerating. Just a bit.) It's like those Choose Your Own Adventure Stories which, fyi, had some truly horrible endings. Not entirely convinced that they belong in the children's section.

Why is this a conspiracy? Lemme 'xplain.

Before I met Damm the only sci fi/fantasy authors I had read were Stephen Lawhead and C.S. Lewis. Video games were a waste of time and adults who played them to the exclusion of other social activities were to be pitied. I was, and am, somewhat opinionated. Comic books didn't even show up on my radar. Then I met Damm in the sci fi aisle of B&N. He showed me the character creation screen in WoW. And he convinced me to watch Ironman and I am now intrigued and will have to read more.

What is next? What other long-held notions or blindspots of mine will be struck down? Will I actually like football in the coming years? Will I suddenly think maroon is the greatest color ever (I think maroon is ugly-it's also the colors of TX A&M, Damm's alma mater, sort of). Will I master the game of Halo (I dislike that game)?

See, this is what happens when you get married. They don't tell you about it. That's why it's a conspiracy.


Just so everyone knows, I no longer think that adults who play video games to the exclusion of other social activities should be pitied. I thought that might need clarification. And I never actually voiced that opinion. Well, not very frequently. And only to young men who did nothing else and had no girlfriend. :D


Barrhona said...

Maroon? Keep up your anti-maroon crusade, Wulfa.

All I have to say is:

"I want my mommy, I want my mommy, I want my mommy, NOW DA(NG) IT!"

Blue and Grey, Forever! Peck 'em Owls!

(seriously... have you ever been to an A&M Football game at Kyle Field? 70K people all moving and yelling as one organism? Awesome, but scary as heck)

ArmsandFury said...

Let's see...

There may be several things you are missing out on.

Whole wheat waffles toasted with peanut butter on them.

Old old fantasy movies that are very good despite their cheese factor.

See... Krull, Excalibur and if you are a british tv fan and haven't watched Red Dwarf!! you are very much missing out.

I went to LSU. So for me Purple and Gold are meh colors. I am not fanatic by msyelf but I certainly love to watch the games.

And um... Kyle field ain't got nothing on Death Valley :p

Dammerung said...

Aww...and we were going to be friends :P

Leiandra said...

The real question is: Have you tried Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts? Those are by far the best.