Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! This is my favorite holiday. Winner by a landslide. The cool, crisp air, the turning colors, the second ice storm-that-threatens-to-wipe-out-power in my first year here. Bah humbug. We lost power for a little over a week last year. But that's not what this post is about. It's a merry, cheery post. I was going to be a total history nerd and look up the history/origins of Christmas and tastefully weave it in. But I'm too busy. Orclette loves me way too much to give me time to research. So instead I'll just rhapsodize and share what our holiday traditions are.

I'm one of those people who finish the Thanksgiving feast and then hop up to put up the Christmas decorations. Dammy is not, so this causes friction. But I eventually have my way and the tree is put up and fluffed (hee hee. I was rather shocked when I learned an alternative definition of that word), ornaments hung, candles bought and put up. Lights we hung inside this year as it's been too nasty to hang them outside. I bake when Orclette allows. I love baking. It's rather therapeutic. We try to find a rich neighborhood and drive around looking at the impressive light displays they put on and dream of owning a house that big someday. I buy little presents throughout December and give them to Dammy/Orclette just to warm up my gift-giving skills. I love shopping in the crowded, hectic malls at least once. I love working in retail this time of year (people are generally nicer). And although this year Orclette doesn't really know whats going on, next year I hope to be doing all those rather sappy Christmas crafts that I happen to love doing. Baking and gaining poundage.

And, finally, Christmas Day. Wake up early just like a little kid. Wait for Dammy, Mister Sleepyhead, to finally wake up so I can open presents. Make calorie-laden, sugar-bustin' breakfast. Start on Christmas Dinner. Play with presents. Eat. Play some more. Eat desserts. Feel sad about Christmas being over and begin planning the next one. Yeah, I love Christmas.

So this might be considered totally lame of me to ask, but what are some of your Christmas traditions? Do you couples who play consider in-game presents to count as real, tangible presents? Do you log in on Christmas Day? Just to check on stuff? Perhaps you play? Well, I did. Dammy wouldn't wake up, Orclette wasn't born yet, so I had to have something to distract me.

Anyway, Merry Christmas again, Happy New Year to those of you who are able to stay up past 9 p.m. and actually celebrate that holiday, and Seasons Greetings to cover all the holidays I didn't mention.


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Anonymous said...

Our traditions changed after my grampa died 4 years ago, but up until that point we would drive down to Gram and Grampas (out of state) - visit and be swedish meatballs and fill up on secret stuffed celery. We'd go to church that evening and afterwards would open the "wrapped" gifts. Christmas day meant toys!

Now that we're older Christmas was all rolled into Christmas Eve. After my grampa died I started going down a few days ahead of time just to visit with my Gram.

It's a sad time of year for me. She's almost all I've got left - but that doesnt stop us from laughing, pigging out and playing cheesey board games!