Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Warlocks even dot their t's.

I hit level 28 last night yay. I've been leveling slowly the last couple of days because Saturday went badly in RL, Sunday we had much needed us and baby time, and last night WSG distracted me.

I played three games. I don't remember the first one. The third one I vaguely remember. But the second one? It had an epic feel to it. After ages at 0-0 we got distracted with killing the other team and saw them JUMP to a 2-0 lead. Several hordies quit out. A few more joined. And Patchy and Cattwinkle(both of their names may be wrong...they are both hunters though), start talking to eachother on /bg.

Someone scores for us.... suddenly its 2-1. Then they grab our flag, we flood back on defense and kill the runner, and another ally grabs the flag, we kill her, and another...who gets away and is sprinting for their base and "Patchy picks up the horde flag", and for the first time that night a hordie gets out of their fortress alive with the flag. He begs/orders 2 healers to stay with him and says "the rest of you get the flag back". I tried about twenty times to cross midfield. Two bluecow hunters(billyray and ???) and a gnome mage(Imakewater) were -always- waiting for me. I think I killed at least one of them each time. I know I dotted them to Stormwind and back. Cattwinkle and two others get accross though and after waiting a bit for a 4th they assassignate Mornetta(derf pally annoying). We're 2-2. and I've climbed from 5th to 3rd in the damage charts.

We stay 2-2 for a long time. I kill 2-6 runners personally(only 2 I know were -entirely- me). Now I know that if I'm between you and your flag, and you have my flag. You die. Unless you have a teammate absolutely murdering me beforehand. I'm hard to kill 1v1 due to my high hps for a caster, and I SWEAR to you.... if its just you and me. You -will- be seduced. You -will- be feared. You -will- be dotted. If I don't kill you, I will cause your death.

Anwena is freakin ownage. She solo's a cocky rogue who saps me, and while I'm capping runners she's pausing them long enough for me to cast fear.

We rack up an impressive string of deaths. Oh I'm 2nd on the damage charts now, trying desperately to get to the alliance fortress and still having to deal with the stupid two hunters and a mage crew. My teammates Patchy and Cattwinkle are organizing the finishing run. At this point they are trading off holding the flag while the other tries to get ours back(I was busy dying to 2 hunters and a mage....). The Alliance has our flag in their graveyard, with 4 defenders.

I try 3-4 times to get up there and only make it once. That time I dot/fear the flag holder and health drain but I can't out do the healer -and- keep from dying. I die.

Then they kill our flag holder! Holy crap we're gonna.... and our flag is returned to our base. I don't even remember who did it. It is 2-2 still and we haven't lost. Someone else grabs their flag and starts running back, in our flag room there is a huge battle going as 2-3 people grab our flag with 3-4 allies escorting. We kill one, another picks it up and so on. But like all extended fights in our flag room. We win. And since they were fighting us.... we score. Game over.

At level 28. I am 2nd in overall damage.... with 66k+ damage, 81 hk, 13 finishing blows, 31 deaths. Cattwinkle(I'm butchering yer name man) leads the horde and the board, with 84k+. Patchy fell behind because he spent extensive time holding the flag and keeping it safe in our base.

Overall, I got 7 WSG marks last night. And 1 AB mark. I greatly prefer AB but I want the staff and the trinket(+4stm +20 spell stuffs) from WSG so I'm farming marks.

That is about it for the day but I would like to touch on one issue. Warlocks are not over powered. Hunters ABSOLUTELY own me. I have yet to beat one in a one on one situation. A good priest who has her prots up already and is paying attention will take me YEARS to kill. Paladins are annoying. Mages and rogues.... well if they see you first and you are distracted at all... Shaman and their stupid tremor totem. Grrr.

And I'm not a complete noob. These aren't twinked out players. I have good gear(I'm missing about 5-7 stm I think that I could have at my level and 1 awesome wand). I use all my class skills, but still these people often kill me. PLEASE STOP SAYING I"M OVERPOWERED JUST BECAUSE I"M ANNOYINGLY PERSISTANT. Dots suck, but you only notice them though because some warrior or mage took away half your hps and you are running away watching your hps drip. Fear/seduce suck. But so do ice traps/sheep/priestfear/slowing totems/charge/sap. And in pvp its NEVER 1v1. If yer buddies aren't helping you, you die. Warlocks aren't OP! Teamwork is!

Oh and possibly hunters. GRRRRR. Oh and healers who heal hunters..... and mages who help hunters... and them FREAKIN HUNTERS.

/rant off

Well thats it, I have work to be doing,


Edited adding that green bit. What it was before didn't make sense.

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Game Dame said...

Oh man, ditto on the hunter hate from your "bluecow" Shaman buddy here. If you check out the comments on my post you'll find some tips for beating them from a former level 70 hunter herself.