Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Story x 2

I could not decide what to write about. Both Beowulfa and Angie had had noteworthy adventures. Which to write about? I posed this question to Dammy, and like the ever-helpful orc that he is he suggested I write about both. So today is 2 for the price of 1.

We have discovered Arathi Basin. I hate trying new things, so it took Dammy awhile to convince me to try it. I blame this reluctance on the very first dude I partied with. (I can't remember which character was unfortunate enough to meet him.) He offered to run me through Deadmines. Because I hadn't yet tried this partying thing I agreed. Things went well for awhile although I was not sure whether I was supposed to help him kill things or just stand back and let him rip through everything. Then I had this little box pop up and it wanted me to roll dice for an item. I could press need or greed (I didn't know that closing the little box meant you passed). I, not knowing any better at the time, pressed need. Immediately I received a nasty little whisper from my escort informing me that I shouldn't have selected need since I didn't need that item. I endured his company for a little while longer and then left the party. I refused to party after that for a very long time.

But this is not what I meant to write about. Beowulfa discovered the Arathi Basin. Dammy advised me to head towards the Blacksmith. Within a very short time period the place was swarming with Alliance and Susan and I promptly got ourselves hacked to pieces. We joined the surge of Hordish peoples trying to reclaim it and got ourselves knocked out again. After that we joined an assault on the Lumber Mine and let me just say it was not pretty. The Horde side was not organized and we quickly got out-resourced. The second time around Dammy suggested I try to get the Lumber Mine first. Susan and I got there, claimed the flag, and waited. And waited. And finally there was a lone Alliance person whom Susan made short work of. Back to waiting. Lay an ice trap here or there. 3 or 4 Allies make a run. I cry out for help, get knocked out, revive in the Lumber Mine graveyard, and help my fellow Hordies demolish the Alliance. And then we waited. Yawn. Look at resources. Cool! About 300 ahead of the Allies. We capture another flag and it's over. Definite win. Leave the battleground and I am almost at the bottom of the damage stats. Bah. But I did maintain the flag at LM for my team, no matter how UTTERLY BORING it got.

Overall I really enjoyed Arathi Basin. It's more open which is to a hunter's advantage. The Horde side seemed a bit more organized than in WG. And I've already won 3/4 games compared to 2/10 in WG. I think I'll be coming back.

I have a mount! I've been longing for this day since I first saw the nightsabers the night elves can buy. I almost cried when I bought her, all white and striped and pretty. I immediately got on and bounded away. 60% movement increase. Got back on the ground and my Cheetah speed seemed soooo slow. Now I'm looking forward to lvl 60 when I get an even faster mount. But in the meantime I'm thinking of buying the black mount as well. Color-coordinate with Boru (I will know how awesomely paired they are even if other players will never see them together). And I look totally cool riding my white cat with my little parrot flying behind. I wish we could name these animals as well as our pets. I've gotten just as attached to them as to Boru (well, almost).

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