Friday, December 14, 2007

Wailing Awesomes.(Ding 29)

Our motley group did WC thursday night. Downed all the bosses with ease. WoWWiki says a level 30 5man wiped once on Verdan the Everliving. I think they must have been trying to wipe because he died in about 10 seconds. Mutanex was a pain to me... only because I didn't know he was immune to EVERY shadow spell I had. It took me 1/2 into the fight to realize this because I usually fire and forget. He lasted about 20 seconds. And I'm not exagerating. CoA lasts 24 seconds ... I have a good idea of how long fights last.

There are several reasons that WC was so fun:

1) Beowulfa was able to party with us even though we didn't have a sitter!

This is so awesome you don't even know. This let us know that we can play as a couple without NEEDING a sitter. It was so very very nice.

2) Two hunters and a warlock make a fun party.

Absolutely no healing but everyone is already familiar with not pulling hate off the tank(Susan). Also lots of DPS and CC.

3) CC practice.

Humanoids AND elementals? More please! I got a lot of practice. Banish triangle, Seduce moon, fear star, offtank diamond, kill skull. And if we do it again we'll add: icetrap square. Although the first elemental I banished was hillarious. I'm screaming(in text/party chat): DON'T ATTACK GREEN HE'S IMMUNE. And Honestbear, his boar, Susan, and Wulfa are all spamming creating the following text: "immune, immune, immune immune" for the entire 20 sec duration of the spell. Eventually they learned to -not- attack banish-phased triangle mobs. Also after the first quarter of the dungeon without much explaining(no voicechat and limited chatting in party chat) everyone learned which mobs were seduced and avoided them as well.

4) Loot

Honestbear(my brother who shares rent with us) is a level 19 hunter and scored the 9+agi shoulders, a 15dps dagger with 6agi and the venomstrike. I got about 2g in trash loot and about 5g in disenchants. And this is before HB and Wulfa send me their trash greens.

All in all a good good night. Susan is scary good as a tank and Wulfa tears through mobs.


WC brought up something I had not thought about and was curious. The icons for mobs. I've heard of Blue Square for ice trap, and Moon seems obvious for which mob to sleep. Are there any standard icons most raiders use? or is everything pretty much on a case by case basis?

If there is consistant icon use at 70 I'd like to train my reflexes early. If not then I'll just go with what I have now:

Skull: Kill me first

Moon: Sleep or Seduce

Blue Square: Ice-Trap

Diamond: Off-tank

Triangle: Banish

Red X: Kill me next or fear.

Star: Off tank next

I would love input. Currently though I'm just estatic that I can easily CC 3 mobs with a fear/seduce/banish chain. And still do -some- damage with DPS and Anwena.

Some comics I found funny:



Mosshoof said...

I think icon use depends somewhat on the server/group you are with.

The people I group with most use:
skull - kill
diamond - 2nd tanked mob
moon - sheep
square - trap
circle - shackle
star - sap
triangle - sleep
X - marks wandering patrols

kestrelsaerie said...

It seems Skull (Kill), Moon (Sheep) and Square (Trap) are pretty universal. We use Circle (Shackle), X (Sap) and Triangle (Off-Tank) as well. My little macro for reminding folks of the lucky charm assignments ends with "Star and Diamond we'll assign as needed. Let's hope we don't need to."

Elory said...

We use nearly the same as the list posted by mosshoof. Only difference we have is X for the second tanked mob. Diamond is used for wandering mobs.

Skull - kill
Cross - 2nd tanked mob
Moon - sheep
Square - trap
Circle - shackle
Star - sap
Triangle - sleep
Diamond - marks wandering patrols

Dammerung said...

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

I think I'm going to do like kestrel and make a talking macro to remind myself what to tag mobs as.(and to remind them huntertypes what to do to the mobs).