Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RSS feeds?

One among many posted an awesome ode to our dead car. I thought so anyways. And then I noticed I had not added her to my blog roll. That shall be rectified.

Kestrel posted something about RSS feeds. I read it. I felt bad. I went to change my Rolling Supper Soaker's feed line and realized... I had no clue what he was talking about. So someone needs to enliven me, please ;p. What is an RSS feed? Who do you feed it to? Does it come in purple?

Tomorrow I think we'll post the PVP post. At least I hope to.

I'm really really sad about the Ghostwolf being no longer tameable. And I'm not a hunter. I just thought it was awesome and cool. /sigh

I've got shoulders, belt, legs, and a level 30 mail helmet so far. We've given up on the "specific" set gear, and are going for str/mail gear. I've also gotten one of two 'greater scythe of str'(level 35 + 7 str onehanded). Apparently at level 40 all mail drops as eagle, gorrilla, monkey, wolf.
/Sigh. Still need chest/hands/feet and hopefully a level 40 str helm.

Fireoil = yay. It is fairly easy to get 40 firefin(think 1 hr ish). Then to convert them into fireoil for 15-20g profit! I spend the rest of my time being useless.

@MacTroll.. it -really- is unexcusable not to know which OS you run. I know it is 10.?? but not which. Every night when I go home I swear to check. Every night I fail. I also forget to implement your suggestion. It will happen... just not sure when. This is what I know.

My level 6 druid made it to level 8 before I went back to my shaman and got him to 38. What happened? The AH. I was looking for my STR-Mail and started thinking about how cool level 40 will be when I have ~+110 str instead of +28 or so. Not to mention the extra armor and dual wield. /drool.

Looking at my stats I was shocked to realize that I had base 57 str and base 35 agi... I thought they were more like 50 and 50... but no.. I currently have +101 agi and while the extra 12.19% crit is nice... I think the extra damage is way way nicer. Sides EJ says str is worth 2 and agi is worth 1.8 for a shaman. So that is why I'm trying out a str based set. To see how much nicer it is.

When I get on tonight/tomorrow I'll be headed to the badlands for the last little bit of my xp to 40. Thus far I have successfully avoided doing -anything- in Stranglethorn other than dropping off 2 quests for xp. But no killing and no questing. Yay. I'm not sure why I hate this zone. Perhaps its the rampant alliance wandering around. Or the bushes and trees. Or the fact that 'everyone' does it. But I do. And I chose to JUST SAY NO TO STV. I've never on any toon spent any time there except traveling through. And I don't think I ever will. Not even for my beloved fishing.

Well that is all for today. Hopefully I won't get in too much trouble for posting over wulfa but it was my turn and she did not tell me to not post today. ;P



Anonymous said...

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". Basically any post-based web site which updates regularly these days provides a news Syndication feed to which people can subscribe in a specific reader application.

Thus whenever a blog they have syndicated posts something new, they get these in their reader, all conveniently at one place, instead of having to manually visit every single blog they like to check whether the author has had something new to say.

Your own blog publishes a feed on its own, at the bottom you have the "Subscribe to Posts (Atom)" link just for that. Atom is another feed format than RSS but does the same (Blogger also gives you a hidden RSS-format feed BTW). It's through this one that I read your post :)

Dammerung said...


Thanks for the info. I'm roughguessing that mine is full format not partial.

/runs off to check settings and look for the hidden feed.

/also runs off to see if he can set himself up a feed reader to simplify his clicking life.

Anonymous said...

I use Google Reader and have no problems reading your blog feeds. Kestrel's issue (and my own) is blogs that don't publish their entire feed into the reader, but only a part of the feed to tease people onto their sites. For the record, your RSS has always posted the entire feed. I enjoy reading it!

Anonymous said...

Most popular web portals have one: Google Reader if you're using googlebar / iGoogle is the logical choice (you can even turn your various feeds into an automated blogroll, that's what I and many others use, but it's probably not exclusive to Google), yahoo, otherwise there are plenty of online readers like pageflakes, bloglines and stuff available :)

I'd recommend Google to you simply because you can integrate it into your blogspot blog with two clicks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me to your "roll"


As for RSS feeds...I'm here to read the comments and learn with you! Still, some of this blogging stuff and all these feeds...it's kind of foreign and strange...

Kind of like learning to walk (not run)in Azeroth for the first time ever...

Dammerung said...

@O-A-M no problem, hey if you use blogger then while you are signed in click on the AAA-Reader link in my website and it should drop you to your very own feed reader where you can start adding links. This is what I did during lunch. At least I think it will link you correctly

/crosses fingers

@Dame and Gwaender thanks for the info guys, based on your comments I was able to find the reader and follow the simple directions to add my blogroll to it for consistant browsing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dammy :) First, your feed is fine, cuz you don't use the --More-- tag, which is what breaks posts in feeds.

Second, Blogger automatically creates a feed for you; you should see a little orange and white icon somewhere, which is what you click to add a blog to a feed reader. Makes it easier to read tons of blogs without having to visit each site. For us older folks, it beats trying to remember all the sites I want to go to/have visited today.

As I mentioned in the post to which you referred, FeedBurner.com is a good place to add your feed (pretty sure you can do it with Blogspot blogs). That way, should you ever change from Blogger, you simply update FeedBurner one time with the new site's URL, rather than try to get all your subscribers to change their settings.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, setting up feedburner is actually my major advice for all the many guys mailing me about starting their own blog (all one of them).

Feedburner.com, follow instructions, then just paste your feed's link in the feed redirection field in your settings and you're already done. You'll have to toy around in your template if you want to add SmartFeed items afterwards though, but it's so easy even I could do it. And that says a lot :)

Mana Battery Bitch said...

Oh no, they nerfed the ghost wolf? :( I had some vague hopes that my pretty draenei would go get herself one at 70. Aw bugger.