Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wee! My turn!

So I'm going to share my thoughts on killing the Alliance.

Remember the British army's reluctance to switch their fighting style when guns came into vogue? It just wasn't as honorable as their swords. Or the Confederate army's reluctance to deploy guerrilla tactics like Longstreet wanted them to because it wasn't honorable? I'm just like the British and the old-style Confederate generals. There's honorable, and then there's the new-fangled tactics that just don't smell right.

But I have to share a story to illustrate how this subject came up twixt Dammy and myself.

Dammy had to run through Stranglethorn. Orclette was asleep so I volunteered myself to be his escort. We were killing the animals that got in our way (we were staying off the beaten path 'cause of the massive amounts of alliance) and we come upon a lvl 36 dwarf hunter. He was just finishing off his prey, his mana was low, his pet was not near to hand. I didn't even consider attacking him and was running by when Dammy started beaten on him with his axe. Well, we're partners so I help to finish the dude off but once the foul deed was done I sent a whisper to Dammy.

"Dude, that was totally not cool."
"He was several levels below me and his pet wasn't with him so it wasn't fair."
"???!!! It's PvP! I'm supposed to kill the Alliance!"
"But it wasn't fair!"

We decided after a somewhat longer argument that we would write about our opposing viewpoints. I don't attack unless the character is within 1-2 levels of mine. I make sure I'm easily visible so they have time to marshal their resources. I don't attack a hunter when their pet is not near because that's like stabbing them in the back and that just ain't honorable.

Another story:
I was playing somewhere other than where Dammy was. Can't remember details. He sends me a whisper that he wishes he could /whimper because he was almost finished with his quest and a lvl?? had just shown up. I sat aghast for a moment then replied,

"you want to /whimper? But you're an orc!"
"I don't want him to kill me."
"So wave, blow a kiss, flirt, but DON'T WHIMPER! Be an orc! Orcs don't whimper!"

I always wave to the opposing faction. If a ?? shows up and starts beating me down I usually try to land a few blows, although I think next time I'll /dance, if I have time to type. I don't whimper. I don't think about whimpering. I'M AN ORC! I'M HORDE! On the other hand, to be fair to dammy, I understand his point. I've been there, almost done, and then the sinking feeling appears because some lvl 70 just has to get his jollies by killing you.

Dammy should be posting his opposing viewpoint sometime later today. My thoughts that I've written here are just that-MY thoughts. I certainly don't expect anyone to play by the same rules I do. But please don't tell me that you want a /whimper option.




Daxenos said...

I spent my first 4 months on a PvP server and hated it. I came to realize that if I saw the opposing faction out in a contested area and thought I could win, then I attacked. Ganked, even!

My reasoning is that if I don't kill them, they will kill me. Also, 90% of the time, the person with the initiative, wins.

That's one of the reasons I rerolled on a carebear server. I love the fact that I can /dance or /wave or /hug, kiss, whatever the opposing faction without fear of dying. In fact, I leveled my hunter to 70 with 0 Honor/0 Kills.

And that's the way I like it!


klaki said...

I find it funny, yet human nature that people would love to gank others, but QQ when it's them getting ganked.

WHIMPER! There's no whimpering in WoW! Thats like a disgrace for any warrior of any kind to whimper. You take that beat down like a man (or woman).

I would love to have time to play a PvP server. I would love ganking and being ganked. The only real rules I would take into consideration is: .... I'll make a post :)

Pike said...

Your views are rather similar to mine.

I feel so dirty attacking somebody who is busy, or whose mana is low, or who is five or more levels lower than me. >.< Sure they do it to me without any qualms, but that doesn't justify it to me and my little WoW-conscience.

Exceptions are if they are griefing a lowbie or if they attack me first. Then they die, because I typically win against most people that are my level or lower, or up to about five levels higher. I only wish there was an emote that said "You could have avoided that end ya know, but no, you had to come push my button, didn'tcha?"

Mostly I stick to my RP servers but the RP-PvP servers have a few draws too. It is nice to be able to feel like you can truly "Defend the Motherland" sometimes.

Anonymous said...

As I said on Dammy's post, good stuff. It's funny because I can see both of your points of view. Do honor points factor into your decision to gank or not? I'm not sure how it works on a PvP server. Do you even get honor points for kills that you could one-shot? I understand that the "honor" you are talking about is "nobility" and "good sportsmanship," but I was just curious as to how it works. Also, I posted an interesting cross-faction encounter I had on my RP server which you guys might enjoy.

Beowulfa said...

To Game Dame:
No, I don't kill people outside of battlegrounds for honor points. I've actually only attacked somebody outright once (it was a fun fight but he was a mage and was no match for Susan).

I'm so going to hug some Alliance player when I'm lvl 70.