Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Twice in one day . . .

So I make fun of Dammy when he posts more than once. And here I am, doing it AND posting over him.

But I had the urge to play a dwarf again. It's all BBB's fault and his discussion of beauty and Mr. Eco and it got me thinking of my first dwarf character and how cool she was . . . so I created a pretty dwarf hunter (pike was right-there never can be enough hunters). A guild was inviting to their ranks and the invite sounded grown-up and professional so I requested additional info. The person inviting wanted to meet me in person which I've not had happen before (well, the guild 'Wulfa's in is a group of gaming friends who've been around forever and Dammy knew them so I was an automatic in). anyway, long story short I was impressed, they let me join, and I have a cool new hunter. In a cool guild with a cool name. On the server Ravenholdt. I chose that server at random because the name was pretty and I thought I had heard the name mentioned before . . . who is on ravenholdt? If you're Alliance I'll send a pretty tell your way.

I'm going to convince Dammy to create a warlock on this server and we'll start over. Not abandoning 'Wulfa or Dammy, not by a long shot, but seeing how fast we can amass gold. We weren't focusing on that before and I'd like to see how long it would take to amass a fortune . . . And I can't get away from the name 'Wulfa 'cause my pretty new hunter with red hair is named Aethelwolfa. Or is it Aethelwulfa? Bah. Can't remember.


Guess who just got off the phone with a bouncy super excited orc? I'll give you 3 guesses and Ratshag and Mabd don't count.

"Squeeeeeee, we're gonna be in this super cool guild, and I wanted to be a dwarf but I hate having a lot of characters oh I have a lot of characters and oooo but you can be a warlock and it will be fun and Ravenholt sounds so cool and also the guild name is cool(witheld to protect the privacy of people I don't even know yet). And then we'll have two mains and that will be cool. And you can play a girl because you don't like how the guys look and I'm so excited"

Now, don't get me wrong. My woman being excited is just about the greatest thing ever. Even greater than big fat toothless grins from orclette. But I was stunned. Absolutely floored. This is coming from the Orc that swore I would be hurting if I didn't focus just on one main character. And she's turning into Meg. Except all her toons are hunters.

Also this came about 20 min after I write a post on BBB's site commenting that the Alliance is generally ugh. /sigh

On the plus side. I did need a female lock to replace Zujoo the ugly.


Pike said...

It's true ya know! You can never have too many hunters. Especially dwarf hunters. <3

gt said...

My first character was a dwarf hunter! There can never be enough!

Alliance aren't complete idiots really. :) In the way I assume Barrens Chat does not reflect the Horde.


Stale said...

Yuck! How can you go from being a mighty awesome ORC and then want to be a Dwarf?

I mean, Dwarfs are cool. My favourite LoTR Character was Gimli but still, Horde are just way too awesome to compare...

My first 3 characters were ally (NE Huntard, Human Lock and Dwarf Priest) but none of them made it to 60 cause alliance is Yuck :P

Ill stop rambling now. :)

klaki said...

Poo, if you all are ever decide to try PvE a try, give me a lookup on Bloodhoof. I'm the guild leader of RAWR and you'll always have a home there.

Anywho... grats on joining the good fight. I hope you enjoy your dwarf and I will assume gnome (lock that starts in same area as dwarves). If you need help, just give me a buzz.

Dammerung said...

@Stale I dodged the derf bullet but I'm still ashamed to say I've got another alliance character /sigh

@Klaki PVE is sooo much cooler on a PVP server ;P (I kid). But Wulfa wanted to stay on a pvp server.

At least on this one we're on one of the -rare- servers where the alliance are outnumbered 2 to 1.

Dammerung said...

@GT nah Alliance aren't idiots. They just look ugly and eat babies and stuff. :P

@Pike ITS A DISEASE! THE DERF HUNTER DISEASE! Run before you get it and start talking about your big red kitty!