Saturday, January 19, 2008

Super fast late late Saturday post.

Life was nuts friday. We managed to purchase a new mount for our RL-avitars. Apparently in RL you can get mounts that seat 7. Anyways the process took all day friday and involved a lot of re-budgetting.

Saturday was also nuts but we managed to sneak in some playing time late. Serayamuij is now level 14. Dammerung will be played on monday at some point. I think right now I am going to split my playtime like this: Sera on the weekends(friday/sat/sun) when the server(emerald dream) is busy. Dammerung on Mon-thursday. Ravenserver is never busy and always lets me straight in. Which is nice.

Horde owns that server though. Every alliance town was hit this saturday. Everything flagged....died in the smaller towns. Not sure how the SW/IF/DN raids went.

Well thats it. Lack of playing generally = lack of posting for us. Tomorrow we'll try and rectify this with multi posts!

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