Thursday, January 17, 2008

On tattoos and WOW

My name is 'Wulfa. And I think there should be tattooing allowed in Azeroth.

I already got mine outside, can't tell ya how or I'd have to kill ya, so I'm all set. It's those other orcs I'm advocating for. It's a rite of passage, a passage of pain, which we orcs enjoy. Oh alright, other races would jump for the chance to put themselves under the needle. But there's some things you ought to know 'fores you get a tattoo.

First, think about it. If you're not man-orc or woman-orc enough to not squeal when the pigment is being etched into your skin, do us orcs a favor and don't do it. You'll disgrace us all.

Second, think carefully about what design you want. That hot orc-mama named GnomeSlayer might like you now, but what about a season from now? Do you want her name etched on you for all eternity?

Thirdly, choose your artist carefully. You go in thinking your arm's gonna say "I love mom" and it comes out saying "I love wow". Make sure they knows the alphabet and can do a decent job of spelling.

Fourthly, make sure you can pay the artist. They get right mean when they do all that concentrating and not smashing somebody's head in and they'd be right glad to do yours for free if you don't recompense 'em.

Fifthly, make sure your mama knows you're getting "I love mama" put onto your arm. Make sure she feels the same way. If not, she'll be booting you out on your arse right quick.

Well, I think that's it. No more wisdom for this here orc to impart. Wait-I lied. Don't go drinking that powerful stuff the dwarves drink like water when you're in the mood or in the vicinity of a tattoo parlor. You might come out with a "I heart gnomes" written cross your forehead.


~One Among Many~ said...

A great idea!

Dear Blizzard,

IRL my back is a work of art. In-game all I see is the back of a tattoo-less orc. Are you kidding me?! Where's the art Blizz?



My largest tattoo covers the majority of my upper back and took a little over 6 hours to do. The artist did it all in one sitting. I think they were a little disturbed that I was capable of sitting still for so long without flinching an eyebrow...but meh. Pain is a state of mind.

I had to give him mad propz though for drawing for so long. I imagine his hand hurt quite a bit.

Beowulfa said...

Wow. My longest tattoo took upwards of 2 hours, tops. But I'm proud to say that nary a whimper came out of me. And I actually had one where I didn't feel it-no pain whatsoever. It was on the upper/neck region of my shoulders (the muscular region name escapes me atm). I guess there are no nerves. Can you post a copy of the design of the 6-hour tattoo? Or have you already, and I missed it?

~One Among Many~ said...

Nay I hadn't posted it yet. It's not wow-related.

Per the idea of tattoos in game though, that'd make it wow related.

My first tattoo was upper neck region between the shoulders as well. No pain. Must be the same local for yours.

The 6 hour one stretches from blade to blade and is probably 9 inches tall?

I'll post it tonight at some point.

~One Among Many~ said...'s 10pm and I don't want to take a new picture of my back. I have a few existing pics that aren't the best but I'll probably just email one to you if you'd like to see the design. Until I retake the pictures I'd rather not have 'em up on my blog lol...I especially like the random junk in the backround.

kestrelsaerie said...

Wulfa, you could, ya know, roll up a Night Elf. ;)