Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Future

Okay. Well enough major check marks have passed that this has become a live and active plan.

So we're now announcing it to the world.

Wulfa greatly dislikes where we now live, and for me there isn't anything I -like- about it. Neither of us have any strong RL friendships in the area(although we do have some friends who live about an hour(45 miles) northeast of us in the town where Becca works). Due to the Orclette, the communte wasn't possible for me so we moved into the place we currently live(pop 7k).

So we've been looking for a new job/home for about a month now. I've sent queries to people my family know in NM and had my Mother send me any information she could find about jobs in the area. The more I looked the more I realized how incredibly lacking my computer skills were. Also the more I realized that my Associates degree wasn't helping a whole lot in my field.

Then after a brief talk with my parents the beginning of an idea started to form. An idea that we had earlier but had never acted on. We would move in with them for the reduced living expenses(we're still helping with bills/rent) and for the Orclette assistance. And I would go back to school full time(ideally 15-18 hours a semester) and get my Bachelors as fast as possible.

We poked the idea around for about a week. Then we started really moving on it. I've been accepted and am now working on making sure they have my transcript and applying for financial aid. We checked with our landlords and we'll be able to extend our lease a couple of months without signing a new 1 year lease. We're going through the house and trying to get rid of ALMOST everything.

Our grand plan as of right now, is to move November 29th. This date may be fiddled with a little tiny bit as we adjust for Parental schedules and issues that arise. I still haven't told my supervisor because I'm a bit well... unsure of exactly how much notice to give. Four months seems excessive. One month is far too little.

The whole school thing has been a bit of a curse for me. I've always done really really well in school, and then suddenly when I was about 21, I stopped studying and spent all my time playing video games and withdrew from society and dropped out of school. I think the change boggled my family. It certainly bothered me. I'm not exactly sure what happened but it was very much one small thing leading to another. This time will be different. This time I've got a strong handle on my playtime. This time I have Wulfa to support me. This time I have parents living in the same house to help me focus.

So I'm going to charge back into school full steam and get my Bachelors. Once I have my Bachelors I will go back to job searching. I'm certain I can always get my current job back, but I think I will be looking for something... that fits me a little bit better.

Anyways thats the amazing news for this week. More to come later as Wulfa may add her side and we may modify this to fit our actual plans a little better.

Forgot to add that once we move I will be playing something close to NOT AT ALL, until I have a perfect grasp on exactly how much effort/study it will take to get the kind of grades I was accustomed to before my meltdown.

4.0 or bust.

Wulfa will still be playing, and if I don't have enough student aid to do the spring semester I will be working down there as much as possible to save up for the fall semester.


Nasirah said...

Sounds like a very cool plan, Dammy, and I hope everything works out for you.

Eustashius said...

I think this is a great move on your part (no pun!) and wish you very well. Please let me/us know how I/we can help :-)

Waradwen said...

Wow. Congratulations, guys. This sounds like a great plan and I wish you all of the success in the world!

Nibuca said...

Good for you! The number one best thing I -ever- did was to go back to school to finish up my Bachelor degree.

(now high paid software engineer)


Ratshag said...

Gots ta drop outta character fer this one. Please bear with. Or bare with, whichevers.

Went back ta school when I were 26. First coupla months were freakin' hard. But after a while the old skills came back, and I realized that I actually knew more than all those kids around me due to my extra years experience. It just didn't SEEM that way at first.

So what I'm saying is: Go! Learns! And if it seems harder than expected at first, hang in there - it'll only be a temporary thing.

Dawn said...

Kerry- congrats. I'll shoot you an email tomorrow so that you can give me another email addy and updated mailing addy if you know one.

Anonymous said...

As Ratshag said, after a few weeks you are goona feel much better about it. Believe me I didn't start med school until I was 27 after a long, long break doing basically nothing except windsurfing and biking and the beginning is tough but you soon adapt.

Good Luck


Softi said...

Oh wow - nice one! Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you! :)

I am thinking about going back to uni once our littlies are at school... just need to decide what I want to do...

klaki said...

I'm happy that you are taking charge and doing what is best for you and your family. My wife and I will be praying for you all.

I totally understand the school burnout thing. When I was in college (man I'm old :( ) I got burnt out toward the end, so there were a couple of semesters where my grades were not so hot because I stopped caring. I finished and I'm glad I did. I know you will do well. You're a smart, curious, and imaginative person. That and I'm sure Wulfa won't let you fail. :)

If there is anything I can do, let me know. I'm good at math and computer science, but I'm awful at English. :)

~One Among Many~ said...


I think that's an awesome thing you're shooting for. While I can't announce my own plans just yet, I am changing everything...EVERYTHING...by August 31st. I will notify everyone (boss, etc) August 4th.

The unfortunate part in my life is that if I give more notice than 1 month, they will make my life Hell. As it is, I'm expecting insanity and to be quite over worked until August 31st.


Best of luck to you all. If you need blogger moral support during your schoolings, you know where to find us!

SoftwareEngineer said...

Very cool. I think this is a very good move for you guys. I don't think school will be tough for you guy at all.

Innonexess said...

Good Luck!

Mimi said...


Where in NM? What university? You can email me and not share RL details here, but may I just say one more time...several months later...