Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tinker with these.




Asara Dragoness said...

That first one (haven't gotten to the second one yet, sorry) rings very true with me. I find myself jealous of people like Anna, who is involved in the SCA and making her own thread and stuff out of fleece that came from actual sheeps.

I see blogs by knitters, people making their own socks, out of fun and funky yarns and stuff, and I get jealous. I want to know how to do things like that. To be the self-sufficient one who can make her own new socks when her steel-toe boots wear holes in the old ones, instead of buying a package of 10 pair at the store which just seem to fall apart faster each time.

Grai said...

I watched a similar thing happen in the machine shops where i worked until a series of back injuries made me stop. I came along at the time CNC(computer numerical controlled) machines made a huge improvement to quantity and quality of machined parts. Having some aptitude for computers i got slotted into cncs. Ok fast forward about 10 years and the new people who could operate a cnc couldn't turn a handle to save their lives. And they pick on us old timers who like to do both. I had the best of both worlds I could turn handles and program my cnc, I do love techie newness but we are losing alot by having machines do stuff for us. Sometimes it better but we are now facing the long term effects of hands on know how

Grai said...

being lost. Sorry somehow last part of previous sentence got lst