Thursday, July 31, 2008

The cutest name

Dammy and I have tossed around the idea of creating 2 characters and playing only with the other person for some time now. Last night we took the plunge. Dammy has a big, hulking Draenei warrior named Dumas, I have a gorgeous Draenei priest named Woofwoof. Is that not the cutest name ever?

I think Dammy pretty much covered everything about our future move. I'm excited-I think it will improve many areas of our life. I get to go back to school (huge big shout of excitement) and NMSU has a music program, so I'm hoping to at least get flute lessons again (Aria demands to be played). We're gonna do like college students and have furniture made of empty boxes and beer cans (just joking, not really :). Actually we're going to be getting rid of a considerable amount of our stuff, and I have been called upon to cut off a part of myself.

That's right. Amputation.

I can only bring 3 boxes of books. How am I supposed to choose? I have old friends that I go back and visit once a year. I have new and exciting vistas that have yet to be opened but were beckoning to me. I have some who were great references, I have my private ones that hold my life's story. I'm going to start that sad weeding out early because I anticipate many fights (not with Dammy, but with myself) and me threatening to take them all and put them in my seat. I'll sit on top of them.

Now we're just waiting on FAFSA, 'cause that will determine whether we're starting this upcoming semester or not. I'm planning on going back to work at least part-time, possibly full-time. That freaks me out-it's been 2 years since I've worked more than 2 days a week. And though I might have welcomed the opportunity to be away from the Orclette when she was newborn (she cried ALL the time) now she's cute and fun to be around. But it'll only be a short time ... then we concentrate on classes and work only in the summer.

My brain has run out. I've only had 1 cup of coffee. Must get more.


Dechion said...

Love the names =)

I absolutely hate having to get rid of books. I did it once and honestly don't plan on doing it again.

Something to consider, the post office offers really good rates on "book rate" mail. It does not show up in a day or two like a letter, might take weeks, but it's cheap and means you might be able to mail a few to yourself =)

I can get more info if you like (I work for USPS) just drop me a line through the contact info on my site if you want it. As a book lover myself I hate to see you have to lose some you may want to keep.

And no, I don't get a comission =P

klaki said...

Problem: You can only take 3 boxes of books.

Solution: Since in stated problem that the sizes of such boxes were not given, get 3 boxes big enough to carry all your books. :)

Asara Dragoness said...

Hubby and I do that every now and again, make characters that we play together, and only together. They get to level 5, and we stop for the night, and never go back. We've gone through three or four pairs of characters like that. We had human mages named Milli and Vanilli, and the latest ones are paladins, Hesaid and Shesaid. Also we did identical gnome mages once named Yippee and Skippee. :)

As for the books, I couldn't do it, myself. Best of luck!

waupeople said...

I like the idea of sorting through ... just in case there's some that you don't really visit ... however, I think the mailing option is great! Book rate is really cheap ... takes a while, but if you start now, they'd be here when you get here. In a worst case scenario you could use the books to elevate your bed :)

ArmsandFury said...

For the books... you should put up polls of the series you are iffy about and let the internet judge!

Beowulfa said...

Oh hey light at the end of the tunnel! My friends are saved! :)

twww said...

Long story short: When I left my first husband I didn't take much. But I took ALL my books. As a bonus, since I didn't really have furniture for a while, books packed in old computer paper boxes can be stacked and used as end tables, coffee tables, etc :)

If you really need to get rid of some, find a paperback exchange or used book store and maybe you can get a little cash for them.