Friday, August 1, 2008

A Good Day

Today has been a good day.

This morning my weight had finally fallen below the 130-pound mark (125 being my eventual goal). I completed my usual morning round of Netherwing dailies in my hour allotted for it instead of in two days, which is how long it normally takes me. The Orclette smiled when she woke up. We went running and shared our Victory Water when we got back (she sticks out her tongue and laps at the water). Then we went shopping and she was her usual darling self, smiling, waving, and saying "hi" to everyone. When we got back she took a nap with minimal fussing. During that time I hit Revered with Netherwing and found a few Aldor-rep-giving-quests that I had not completed (I'll soon be Revered with them as well). We met Dammy for lunch and because it was a bit later than usual I was ravenous and decided that a burger, fries, and chocolate cake to top it off sounded marvelous (plus I felt thin-not so tomorrow :). Then we get home to discover that the 4th disc in the Stargate Atlantis: Season 4 had arrived. And a bill that I had completely forgotten (cause they didn't send anything) about was threatening lawsuit and offered a settlement which will be no problem to take care of (our credit is already shot, so a lawsuit-threatening letter doesn't scare me, since we'll pay it off now that they've finally sent me a bill). And tonight is the release party of the latest Twilight book and I'm working it so I'll get my copy at midnight (cheer!).

Today has been a good day.


ArmsandFury said...

Yay! for good days :)

Grai said...

ditto sounds like u had a wonderful time

Wildhermit said...

This twilight stuff... What is it? I know the basic concept.. Vampire Romeo and Juliet? But is it good?

I realize that is an opinion, but is there something to compare it to? Maybe the Lestat stuff by Rice?

ArmsandFury said...

Yanno... concerning Lestat... I rather liked the first book and 2nd "The Vampire Lestat" was truly great at the time I read it and Memnoch had very touches but overall... I have to say that Ann Rice never lived up to her promise with The Vampire Lestat.

OOOO and don't get started on Laurell K Hamilton's series. The first 5-7 books are really really fun but they turn into porn after that.

Which is not to say I am against the porn but geez... what happened to all the actually writing?

Wulfa, have you read Vicki Petterson's Sign of the Zodiac series at all? Very good :)

Beowulfa said...

@ Arms and Fury: No, I haven't read that sries yet. Yay! Another new book to check out.

@ Wildhermit: The Twilight series was targeted at teen audiences but has also become popular with adult audiences as well. I would not rate it as equal with Lestat, but it has its own charm, in my opinion. I will admit it is mostly girls who like the story :) However Stephenie Meier has also written an adult novel entitled "Host" which has some interesting concepts and isn't quite as teenagerish (though I've heard that it reads rather slow-I had absolutely no problems, but then I thought the full version of Swiss Family Robinson was the greatest book ever). (In case you have not read it, Swiss Family Robinson has a lot of lists and very detailed explanations on day to day activities. I adored it :)

Kitzie said...

I am so happy for you with your weight loss! I'm not sure if you are a huge LOTR fan, but I think this site is awesome. I'm sure I found it through another blog, but I can't remember which one.