Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am Flipper

I was all excited this morning. Got my coffee, cereal, morning chocolate, tucked Orclette into her highchair, pacified her with a bottle (empty, she doesn't like to drink from bottles yet but she likes the bottle), and signed on to WOW.

Bah Humbug!

Maintenance day. I have to wait until 1 pm our time. So disappointing. Yesterday was my first-ever attempt at AH flipping and I was VERY eager to see the results. I've been reading Og for awhile I just had never had the time nor was willing to spend the gold ..... but I can't play Wulfa unless my other greenies are on with me so I have to get resourceful so she doesn't get bored. So we scanned the AH looking for red-hot deals. And I think-think-we found some. About 2-3 items of gear that was way underpriced in the silver range that normally sold for several gold and they weren't seen too much at auction and a few trade things that also were being undersold. I think I spent about a gold and a half-maybe less-and I could possibly see a 15-20 gold return, if everything sells, which I know it might not. But I really really really wanted to check on them this morning. Why can't Blizzard do maintenance in the middle of the night? I realize that would be some people's daytime depending on the zone they're in but isn't that separate from US WOW anyway (those foreign time zones =)?

Enough complaining. Inspired, I then went over to Beowulfa, who has plenty of coin to spare, and spent about 5 gold (you see, even with plenty of coin I'm such a scrooge) on a mixture of gear and trade items that, if all sell, would bring me a return of 30-40 gold. I even picked up a blue for 50 silver that normally sold for, well, a lot more. I can't remember how much it was supposed to sell for. Next time I'll write down what I bought, how much I paid, how much it's supposed to sell for, and all that sort of thing. Could start a little record book. (YES! Another excuse to buy office supplies!)

And just so ya'll know Beowulfa got called cute yesterday by a little undead mage?? (can't remember but I think it was a squishie). She very graciously responded "Ah shucks, Thanks!" I guess I was thinking Goofy. And Wulfa-well, Wulfa danced up to two big, muscled NE dudes wit big cats and started flirting with them. I tell you, she's incorrigable (bah can't remember how to spell that word). She patted the kitties gently on the head, danced around the NE hunters once more for good measure, then seductively danced away so they could see all of her good bits and realize what they were missing by hanging out Alliance side.

Dammy is starting at me with pleading in his eyes. He hasn't eaten yet and he's been tanking Orclette so I could write this. I'll get off now so he won't die.


Dammerung said...

I mentioned to Wulfa that I believed that the reason Maintainence happened on Tuesday morning is because thats when the least number of people are on.

Anonymous said...

Og was a blog I read too...I think I was just always too lazy to really get into what he was doing and make some hard cash. Let us know how well you do though! and what advice of his you're taking and what you aren't...that sort of thing! It's interesting to me to see how beginners start to "work the AH" and then before ya know it, they're lvl 30 and able to purchase epic flying if they want...

insanity :)

Rock on.

Daxenos said...

Welcome to the club! I have been amazed at how much money Daxe has at level 10! Of course, usually, all the time that I've spent on her would have been questing instead of fishing/AHing, but still, it's a good motivator to at least start flipping items fairly early in your WoW toon's life to fund the rest of it.

And, I try not to call in sick on Tuesdays...rofl

Rabbit Stew said...

I've joined you in the Flipper club (with Daxe as our mentor). It was ridiculously exciting buying low and selling high. And like you, I had a hard time just letting the "items" sit there in the AH. I kept checking, and checking. Patience....I do not have.