Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So easily pleased ....

So I'm fighting a cough. No other symptoms, just a tickle in the back of my throat. I HATE coughing. Upset stomach, runny nose, achy-body I can stand, but I HATE the cough. So I've been popping cough drops like they're candy. And I ran out this morning so Orclette and I headed to Wal-Mart. (BTW, carrying a 22-pound child through the store is NOT a smart idea. Use the cart, Wulfa, use the cart). We got our cough suppressants and were heading towards the checkout. And I saw it. A green happy bunny shirt with "Kiss Me I'm Irish" emblazoned on the front. Since I'm 1/4 Irish I feel I can actually wear these shirts with pride (mother's maiden name is Gallagher. Sadly, our family heritage on that side of the water is not very interesting). I don't need any more shirts. I especially don't need t-shirts from the junior department. I'm getting old, after all. But I couldn't resist happy bunny. So happy bunny came home with me and is being worn right now. And my mood went from ok to "look at this cool new shirt I have!" -figurative jumping up and down excitedly-

that's it.

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Daxenos said...

There is nothing like a new outfit to make a sick day into a happy, jumping up and down, heaving your guts out, sick day.

Although the dark side of the shirt referencing the "Putrid Bunny Kissing Incident of 1433" is a bit daunting, I'm glad that you've found a bit of your heritage to cling to. 'Cause, without our parents' procreation, we'd have a much harder time existing.

So Gratz on you!