Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi! Meet my new horsey!

He likes plant soulshards.


Anonymous said...

Verrah nice! Don't let his hooves catch your clothes on fire!

Sellia said...

Congrats ! :)

Ratshag said...

Hi horsey!

Arrens said...

Congo-rats! Best mount in the game, bar none ;)
(Now if only they'd make a 'lock mount with green flames...)

Stale said...

Very Nice!

But I can't help wondering why your bars are so horrible... You have to click most of your dots... which is the vast majority of your DPS... And you have Curse of Agony on 2 different bars.

I guess I just hate the normal user interface :)

Here is mine... =D

Beowulfa said...

My bars are generally disorganized but let me assure you I do not click any of my main 10 spells(1-4, 6-12).

My left hand does the following:

X = pet attack
f = whatever is in slot 5
1 = fear
2 = make soulshard
3 = fire rare instant cast blast thing
4 = life tap.

asdw movement and r for auto run.

My right hand does this:

Target and sometimes control movement.

middle mouse up = 11 = Siphon life
middle mouse down = 10 = corruption
middle mouse click = 12 = immolation

Shift + MM up = 9 = Drain life
Shift + MM down = 8 = health funnel
Shift + MM Click = 7 = Curse of agony

(the numbers are no longer keybound)

9 and 0 keys now control zoom in and zoom out.

Now...the rest of the bars.. are for spells I rarely if ever use. The second number bar(the one you can shift 1 to get to I don't use but am planning on making into my pvp bar.

the bars on the right are for summoning pets(rare), potions(rare) and things of that nature.

Its horribly messy but I fear addons as relearning interfaces makes my head hurt.

Kat said...