Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear me.

Please remember to post on days when you don't go to work.

Zujoo level 34.(+2)[respecced 9/16/0... I'm liking it a lot]
Dammerung level 42.(+0)[highly pondering a resto respec but for now doing nothing]
Beowulfa level 47?(+1)

Alliance toons unchanged.

SM is spiffyawesome. I plan on going back again and again until I get a hat that a derf hates. A derf with a big red kitty.

Yes, yes I want the cardinal hat. She dropped an amulet last night but the looting bugged some how and everyone but one guy was able to dice on it and he wasn't but the loot was waiting on him to dice so it was never looted. As condolences I picked up a green of the eagle glove drop and an awesome staff(??? rod) and some blue shoulders.

Sadly the guy running us through wouldn't take wulfa along because we 'already had 5'. Wulfa was left out and alone and I felt bad about going without her and looking back I think I shouldn't have gone.

Speaking of. I normally don't support having someone run me through an instance but a guildy wanted to do it and I figured free xp? and loot? Sure.

Outland bound is talking about creating a bloggers only premade-xp-group and I'm interested. I think horde, PVE, and a weekday night so you don't interfere with weekend guild events.

Well thats it for a quickly slapped together LATE post.

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Goeben said...

Thinking of speccing Resto in your 40s? Good for you! It completely goes against the grain. I'll look forward to reading all about it.

You might be interested in my ramblings on Resto shaman talents and builds, http://chainheal.blogspot.com/.