Friday, February 15, 2008

A question of styles.

Now this is something that came up in our little anti-PUG group of poxes. I'm not posting this here as a vote thing for the group. We're discussing it primarily in our google group discussion board thing. But I thought this would be a great topic to write about.

As everyone knows we've been swept up in this 'grand experiment'. We've planned times/tabards/party compositions. And guilds.

Now we ran into a slight problem with the party compositions as one of the parties only had 1.5 hrs of overlap time to play in.

One solution is to re-assign party members, until everyone was in a party that had at least 2.5 hrs to play together on wednesday nights. Another is to simply move that groups main play time to a different day(weekends perhaps). And a final solution is to make the party builds a 'suggestion' allowing people to play PuG within the group.

Now I immediantly hopped on the problem and said "OH no! We have to have everyone participating! We'll make the groups suggestions and people can just play with whoever". I didn't consider the problem... I just started trying to fix it.

The Incredible Ess and Nasirah countered with the fact that the original idea had been to simply always have a group that was almost exactly the same level as you that you would be able to party with thus avoiding the LFG channel and soloing all together.

I agree with Ess and Nas. I like being forced to only xp at certain times and with the same people. It generates community for me. I'm just frustrated at myself for jumping to fix without pausing to think. This is a constant problem with me. I react to the problem... but because I didn't think about it I end up with something covered in duct tape and glue when all I really needed to do was think for a moment and apply a simple fix.

I would love to hear from others of experiances they have had with 'speed patches' that would have been better solved by taking a step back and focusing on the root of the problem.


Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged here, too, Dammy. (BTW, I loved your duct-tape image. It reminds me of when I was a tomboy helping my dad in the garage. My mom always said the item was worse off after we "fixed" it.) I also tried to fix the problem and ended up making it muddier than when we started discussing it.

This type of thing happens many times in real life. If you go by the traditional "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" wisdom, men have this fixing tendency more than women do. However, I think there's a good deal of overlap on the comparison curve because I often find myself trying to fix my husband's and friends' problems too, instead of just listening.

The tricky part is that sometimes people just want an ear, or to discuss options, but then some people really ARE looking for solutions. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference at first. I look forward to seeing what other folks have to say on this topic of yours.

Daxenos said...

Well, confession time. I actually transferred my troll hunter who had 291 gold on him and then emailed it to Daxe.

/sigh. After I confessed to Ess, she encouraged me to not use it and to make up what I had used until such a time as the group could decide what we wanted to do as far as money.

So, I almost have gotten back to