Monday, February 11, 2008

Blah weather

Our area is iced over. Apparently the cafeteria staff where hubby works were not able to make it in so no lunch. Which means no lunch hour with Dammy. I didn't realize how much I depended on that hour but I am totally bummed about not going.

My druid, hubby priestie, and BM brother-in-law ventured into WC this Saturday. I was lvl 23, hubby lvl 22, and b-i-l lvl 25. We advanced cautiously at first but it became very clear that we were indestructable. We easily were taking on 4-6 mobs at once. I kept hate off of squishy hubby and not-so-squishy brother&pet. I received kudos and massive commendations for my tanking skills which brought up a question in my mind. Is that something I should be proud of? Isn't tanking a matter of pressing the right buttons? Can't everybody keep the hate on themselves and consistently protect the squishies amongst them? I certainly worked hard-my left hand was numb by the time we took out 2 bosses. Of course that might also be because I worked that day and I use my hands a lot . . .

anyway little Orclette is begging for my attention so I'll be taking a bit of a break but I have more thoughts. More thoughts that I wish to share. That you must read! /maniacal laughter.

---------------------END WULFA------------------------------------------

---------------------START DAMMY--------------------------------------

I was told to pipe up as someone else was feeling tired/busy and didn't want to share any more thoughts today.

We are all amazed at ... well having a tank. Her druid is the first 'tank' I've ever partied with. Pretty amazing I know for someone who has played on and off since spring 2006. I quite simply had no idea someone could generate that much threat on a mob. It allows me so much room to heal/buff/debuff. And that extra room pretty much makes her invincible. Which leaves Moonsongdown(our hunter pet) and ????(our hunter pets pet) time to dps the mobs down.

I tried to play Dammerung again Sat night but several things conspired against me. My muscle memory for the class was absolutely gone. I was ganked twice. I had a high repairbill left over from the time I previously played. And I was tired. So after a frustrating hour or two. I got off. I whined. I'm taking another breather and hopefully won't be tired next time I play him.


Earlier I complaigned about partying for xp. One thing I did not take into account was instances. When you are three manning an instance that still gives you yellow mobs and xp, you get so caught up in the killing, healing, moving, looting that you don't even notice that your xp bar has gone from zero bubbles to 15/20 bubbles. I like this kind of leveling. The kind that sneaks up on you.

Well I think that is it.



Stale said...

Live in Sydney Australia... we don't get any snow over here :P

With tanking, its pretty easy if you know how... I went into a heroic on my Bro's druid tank and boy was it messy :(

After the 1st boss I had it pretty down pat but till then, repair bills all round.

Read about my failures here

klaki said...

Awful snow here too, so I hear ya there. I've had my fair share of both tanking and healing on my druid. I've tanked SM several times. I will tell you this... if you can NEVER PuG! For the love of all that is holy, DO NOT PuG. You will find n00bs all around. I love to tank, but when I tried tanking a PuG, it was a three ring circus. You will learn that some people just don't know how to play. Plus tanking is normally a thankless job, so I congrat Dammy for his words of kindness. I haven't tanked an Outland instance yet, but I hope to soon.

Now on the healing side, I've healed for Ramparts a couple of times already (even though I'm Feral speced). To my surprise I did quite well. I will say this though. Healing is more stressful than tanking IMO, but the rewards seem to outweigh the stress. It feels AWESOME healing through chaos and everyone living to tell the tale.

Right now, I'm sticking to tanking because I normally play ranged toons and I like being able to stick my face in a mobs face and say "RAWR!!!!!" and take a bunch of dmg. Good luck you three and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Megan said...

Dinging in an instance is always fun! Nothing like getting full HP/MP as a surprise in the middle of a pull.