Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This was supposed to be an edit . . .

But I can't edit Dammy's posts(fixed). He can edit mine. Does that seem fair to you?

What Dammy didn't mention was that yesterday Orclette received her gnome-vaccinations and it drew a little blood. Now if she was a full-grown orc I would've said "suck it up!" but since she's a little tyke that just didn't seem right. And then that dern gnome-vaccination gave her the touch of a fever. Must've been a Stranglethorn gnome they got the vacc from. So we had a sore, feverish little Orclette on our hands and that's why we didn't post yesterday.

P.S. several tiny doses of infant Tylenol later and much orc parentla lovin' and little Orclette is feeling much better. And I've performed my first rectal temp. taking. I must be a mom.


Arrens said...

Infant Tylenol = Automatic Win. Took my son in last month for his 6 month check-up/billion vaccinations and he was a bit feverish at the time. I told the doc that I thought he was teething. She said it was a myth that babies get a fever before they teeth. 2 days later, he cut his first tooth. It is confirmed that doctors know bupkis.

Daxenos said...

So, a little medical joke:

How do you tell the difference between a rectal thermometer and an oral one?


rofl @ my own joke....