Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guild Tabard

Alrighty. I'm starting to play around with tabard designs and, since this is a collaborative effort, I need suggestions. What 2 colors would you like to see? And what motif? Please limit suggestions to these two as I don't want to be completely inundated. A request has already been made to have a bunny as a motif. I've tried that. It really looks like a playgirl bunny . . . sorry Dammy. I know you were thinking it would look like a cute little bunny. But on a BE female it just doesn't.

Sample screenshots of tabards will be posted sometime tonight. Comments on them will be welcome, revisions can and will be made until Tuesday night at which point we will vote on 4 different designs. BTW, can somebody farm really hard and make us 10 gold by Wednesday night so we can buy tabard immediately? :)

POX ARCANUM WINS 7-2 with 9/14th's of the polls reporting in.

Adding Klaki to The Yellow Poxless


Daxenos said...

Red and Gold!!

Silver and Black!!

Chartreuse and Periwinkle.

I'm not sure which colors those last ones are....some sort of green and purple?


Dammerung said...

Purple and green

Green and Purple

Purple and Green


Waradwen said...

Green and purple, clearly. And yellow, I guess. Maybe green and yellow, and we hustle to get the purple lunar festival dress? I guess that doesn't work for the boy toons. Hmm...time to get playing with the tabard designer. :-D


gamedame said...

Here's a cool tool that lets you build a tabard online to try it out.

I just don't want the same color as every other tabard out there (red or blue or white). It's just all too boring.

For example:

gamedame said...

Crud. The link got cut off.

Here it is.

gamedame said...

W00t! Go the Pox! I bet the pundits never saw it coming. Can't wait to see the tabard!

klaki said...

Red and black are my fav colors. The make good horde colors too.

Luciel said...

I say Purple and Green, with something like a crossbones or poison on the chest.

You know, something nasty and ugly lol