Friday, February 15, 2008

A severe case of the blah's

We've been busy with our new anti-pug group, dashing home these past 2 nights to check on websites, voting on names, and designing the tabard (thank you everyone for giving me the reins on that one-I've had a lot of fun going through all the options). And that's what we've been discussing at lunchtime. And on the drive to and from work. So I logged on last night prepared to be excited that I was taking a small hiatus from Pox Arcanum and playing with our great Alliance guildie members. I logged on in Astranaar. I got ganked in Astranaar. I rezzed my body when I thought there was no one around. I got pulled down by a rogue. Fortunately I was in the water, so I was able to get myself away from the fracas when I rezzed again. Dammy also got ganked. We decided that we were no longer going to quest in Ashenvale. We also decided to log off because there was no enthusiasm for any of our characters.

We were experiencing a bit of overload.

So we logged off, I read further into my fantasy novel (Rhapsody, by I forget-her-name) and Dammy caught up on his blogs. We didn't stay up too late. It was nice. I think a WOW-break was just what we needed. Because we only play at night we didn't think regulating was necessary, since Orclette likes to play on her own with us on the floor as her climbing post and doesn't need much participation from us. But I guess it is. And tonight, for the first time since Christmas, Dammy and I are going out. It's our V-day celebration, a day late, I know, but yippee! We're going to see Step Up 2-Life on the Streets. Don't harass Dammy, I'm the one who wants to see it. I love dancing in all forms (nevermind that I can't dance at all).

Oh, and Dammy wanted me to write about my experiences playing with Pox Arcanum. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I twice waved to Incendio in-game and he never waved back :) Plus he cleared out the area I was about to quest in (that was a bit of teasing-everyone, including me, were racing to get to mobs before another person did). I like everybody who signed on to the project. We generated fun conversation. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday.

And now it's time to wake all the sleepyheads in the house.



Daxenos said...

I got to heal Dumb Brother last night!! ERm, I mean Raa-uh...I forgot his


Oh, and thanks for the fish, Dammy!

Dammerung said...

Np glad the fish helped.

Psst its Raamah.

gt said...

Ashenvale is a place of eeeevil. I almost went over there with my new catdruid and then I came to my senses and booked it over to the Wetlands. I hear Ashenvale a must do for you Horde types. Really? Reeeally? Yuck.

The blahs happen. Ag and I play Albatross18 online golf and get warnings for using expletives when we miss our puts.